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MSD P31 – Masters of Money

So soon, it’s exam time again. Term-II exams start next week. Good thing is the 14 day vacation that follows. Calendar plans for the 14 days of holidays have already been made – a visit to Bangalore to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday; a pilgrimage to Puri-Jagannath with family; and of course, lots of sleeping and eating @ HOME. 😛

I came across this brilliant book on Indian History post independence, “India after Gandhi” by Ram Guha. The best part about the book is you could begin reading from anywhere and still understand the happenings completely; also, unlike other books on history or your history textbook, this book has many interesting anecdotes that stir your interest to read more. For youth like me who know very little about Indian History post Gandhi, it will be an interesting read.


“Masters of Money” is a three-part BBC documentary series on three great people – John Keynes, Friedrich Hayek and Karl Marx- and their views on capitalism. The documentary offers interesting insights into the great depression, World Wars I and II and Eurozone crisis, among other things.

Here’s the link to part 1 of the series.


Kudos to South African Cricket Team for felicitating Ricky Ponting with Guard of Honor on his last international outing. South Africans rock ! \m/

223069-ponting-guard-of-honour (1)


And yeah, Cricket is no longer the same without this guy, Punter.


Just like millions of other cricket lovers, I can’t even imagine the day when Thala Sachin will no longer play for India, though I know that the day is not far.

Installed Windows 8 and MS Office 2013 in my lap, last week. Both are awesome ! \m/

Mercury is hitting 4 degrees during the nights regularly and is said to go lower in the coming days! COOL !

For the narcissist me. 😛


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