Movie Review: Dhuruvangal Pathinaru (Tamil, 2016)

Being a regular on Twitter, I remember reading rave reviews about the film Dhuruvangal Pathinaru and its Director Karthik Naren around the time of the movie release in late December 2016. Noted film personalities like Shankar, Gautam Menon, Murugadoss, AR Rahman and the likes had high praise for the 22 year old Director on his directorial debut. My former room mate Divakar told me the movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video. I watched the movie last week, with zero background about the movie and its plot. I just knew that it was a thriller movie.

9/10 to the Director for the screenplay. Kudos. We have seen multiple crime thriller movies in the past. But the way the narrative moves from past to present to one POV to another PoV is pure genius. It’s a short movie, little more than 100 minutes long. In those 100 minutes, there are more U Turns than a Kejriwal speech. Every twist is unexpected and takes you off guard. 

Rahman as Police Inspector Deepak hits a high in D-16. Most of the movie in fact is narrated through his character. His narrative and carrying of the role lifts the movie to another level. The fact that he is the only known face in the movie shows how confident the Director was, on the script. Celeb faces didn’t matter. Screenplay was the true hero. Camera work is pacy. 

If you have 100 minutes at your disposal, download Amazon Prime and watch D-16. You wouldn’t regret it.

And yes, I’ll be watching Karthik Naren’s next movie, irrespective of Genre or reviews. The Young Director will go places. Remember the name! 


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