About Nitin

Sr. Manager in a budding e-Commerce company by the day and an incessant rambler by the night – that’s how I describe myself.

I bow down to God, A.R. Rahman, Sachin, Federer and MSD, in that order.

Blogging, twitter, music, news, books and cricket cover 99% of my interests.

I learnt perseverance from my father, leadership from my mother and unbounded love from my grandparents. 

As an Indian, my dream is to see the poorest Indian child go to school. 

I’ve co-authored a book titled “Small Big Bang”, on the lives of 26 Entrepreneurs across India.

The book can be bought here: http://www.amazon.in/SMALL-BIG-BANG-Students-IIMs/dp/8192976106/ref=sr_1_1

Do read and let me know your feedback at snitinsrinivas@gmail.com

4 responses to “About Nitin

  1. Hello Nitin,

    Great to find you here and I really appreciate your effort in coming up with a book like this 🙂

    Hope to read many more interesting stories …

    Have a great time 🙂

  2. Thanks Sreejith 🙂 Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Nitin.
    I am Nitin Srinivas. I am a Btech grad from B’lore.
    Surprised to find a person with my name.
    I came across your profile in LinkedIn.
    I guess we have common interests and inspirations.
    Can you please share your email id?
    Nitin Srinivas

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