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Movie Review: Maari

One consolation of watching Maari is the realization that there’s at least one person apart from me who likes to roam around wearing flowery shirts.

Dhanush in & as Maari

Dhanush in & as Maari

I became a Dhanush fan in 2011 after watching Aadukalam. I liked few of his earlier movies too, including Polladhavan, Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Thiruvilayadal Arrambam and the likes. With 3, Mayakkam Enna and VIP, he was right up there in my list after Rajni, Kamal and Ajith.

Maari is however proof to the fact that if you choose the wrong script, there’s no point acting your heart out. Something which Thala Ajith does a lot.
Some thoughts about the movie I tweeted right after watching the movie, below.


Movie Review: Kaaka Muttai

It’s good that “Kaaka Muttai” has released with English subtitles, for it’s not a film that deserves to reach only the Tamil audience. Addressing the issue of urban poverty and cheap aspirations of the urban poor, it is a landmark film in Indian cinema. The director hasn’t gone out of the way to force comedy tracks into the story. Rather, they flow seamlessly with the script.

Kudos to Dhanush and Vetrimaaran for encouraging such scripts to make it to the silver screen. Unlike mainstream cinema where there are certain scenes placed in the movie to please every section of the society, Kaaka Muttai doesn’t have a single scene or dialogue that is not needed for the flow of the movie. No wonder it’s so short in running time: less than two hours.

It’s a single line story. Two urban poor kids go on a mission to have Pizza from a Pizza outlet.

Kaaka Muttai

Kaaka Muttai

Screenplay is the real king, followed by the lead actors – the two kids, their mum and the two sidekicks who ensure you laugh your ass off in every scene they come.

Everyone knows Dhanush and Simbhu have become close friends. It’s evident in the movie too. There’s a guest appearance from Simbhu, there’s once scene where the kids see a film scene  from a Simbhu flick and there’s another scene where there’s a reference to the random controversies that are spun on him.

Kaaku Muttai makes you laugh and makes you think at the same time. MUST WATCH!

Movie Review: Shamitabh [No spoilers]

Big B + Dhanush + PC Sreeram + Ilayaraja + Kamal Haasan’s bloodline (Akshara).
Talk about dream combinations…
I was not going to miss this movie. By any chance.



In this age and world where movies run behind 100 Cr clubs by catering to the “masses”, Director Balki deserves a pat on the back just for choosing a performance oriented script and executing it to perfection, almost.

If with Aadukalam, Dhanush proved he was as good an actor as anyone else, then with Shamitabh, he’s widened the gap between himself and the second best (in his generation of actors). To share the screen with Big B and still catch eyeballs is no easy thing, and Dhanush has done that in more scenes than one. With Shamitabh, the “Kolaveri” man has announced his entry into Bollywood in style (considering Raanjhana wasn’t received very well).

It doesn’t look like this is Akshara’s first movie. Of course, it’s there in the blood. 🙂

Akshara Haasan

Akshara Haasan

After Paa, Balki has hit the winning note for a second consecutive time, with Big B. Yet again, Big B delivers what exactly was required for the role of Amitabh Sinha.

If “I” was the mother of Product placements, then Shamitabh is the mother of all mothers. Product placements throughout the movie. Not that it affected the story in any way. Just an observation.

Shamitabh deserves to be watched a second time, just for the Maestro’s re-recording. Well, let’s not get into how awesome Ilayaraja is, again. 🙂

Bottomline: Match winning “partnership” in 150 minutes.