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Lessons for Entrepreneurs from MS Dhoni

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for some inspiration to run your startup? Look no further. The life of MS Dhoni has many lessons to offer you.

From being a ticket collector to becoming the richest cricketer on the planet, MS Dhoni’s is a success story that every startup would try to emulate. Having followed Dhoni over the years, I list down a few characteristics of the man which when followed could help entrepreneurs lead their companies better.

Walk the talk

Apart from being a great captain, Dhoni more often than not, delivers with his batting under crunch situations. This never fails to inspire his team mates. A lesson for all entrepreneurs here is to walk the talk. Being a hands-on entrepreneur willing to get your hands dirty inspires your employees.

After all, there is no leadership technique that can match hard work.

Be Calm, always

“Anger is the cause of all evil. One must know how to control it. Otherwise, life will be miserable”, Rajnikanth once said in a movie. This applies equally to startups as well.

Calmness is something that defines Dhoni. If eight losses in eight away test matches cannot make Dhoni lose his calm, then probably nothing can. Being calm under dire circumstances is difficult to emulate, but having a leader who always keeps his cool has a contagious effect on the team under him, thus providing better results.

Back your Team

Be it Joginder Sharma in World T20 2007 or Ishant Sharma in Champions Trophy 2013, Dhoni has always backed his players to perform when everyone else thought otherwise. If there’s one lesson to be learnt from Dhoni, it is placing undue trust on your team to perform. While some may not pay the dividends, most will.


It’s always “We” and never “I”

Remember, you are a leader only when your team accepts you to be one. Dhoni has never failed to realize the importance of team effort. While giving credit to the team for success, Dhoni takes the blame of failure on himself.

Humility is an essential character that a leader must possess. It is important to acknowledge that it is the success of the whole team that brings home the winning trophy.

Know yourself

From the time he entered into the international arena, commentators and critics have never stopped talking ill of his peculiar batting style. Today, he stills bats the same way, to great effectiveness. As a leader, it is your responsibility to identify your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. Being aware of your weaknesses is in itself a win.

^This article was published in INCUBATOR, the annual entrepreneurship magazine of IIM Shillong. Link to the magazine: http://issuu.com/icube.iims/docs/incubator_-_issue_1_-_september__13

*Inspired by a yourstory.in article I read sometime back