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Shopclues Diwali Mela 2016

Festivities are in the air!

Shopclues celebrated Diwali in Office on 27th Oct, Thursday. HR Department had organised “Shopclues Diwali Mela” where employees had a chance to set up stalls (food or fun). I participated in the event along with 8 others, to set up a Food and Fun Stall, under the team name “The Fat Boys”.

I had great fun, working with the team, conceptualising and executing our Food and Fun stall. As Head of Marketing and Branding of The Fat Boys, I spammed my Twitter feed with posts about the event (which eventually made 6 people unfollow me :P).

We won the award for “The most innovative and creative Team”, among the 12 participating teams.

Some pics from the event below.

Happy Diwali folks.



A Very Very Special Follower

It’s been a while since I live-tweeted during a cricket match, before today’s 5th and final ODI between India and Australia at Sydney.

Today, I was set in my couch, TV remote in one hand and mobile phone with Twitter open in the other. It’s on days like these that my Twitter followers (~500) regret following me the most (My Twitter handle – @snitinsrinivas). I wouldn’t miss the smallest of opportunities to conjure a tweet and expose it to the World, thinking in my mind that it’s going to reach out to millions of like-minded people on that awesome platform.

Now we all know what a great batsman VVS Laxman is. We’ve all awed at how sweetly he caresses wood over leather to produce some beauties. Cricket commentary however is a new domain for him he’s yet to conquer. He’s still learning with time.

Today, during the nail-biting run chase when Dhoni was increasing the average pulse rate of the nation well above average (which he usually does), Harsha Bhogle was in the commentary box with our man, VVS, when I tweeted this.

“When Harsha Bhogle speaks, words flow like a river. Wish I could say the same about VVS Laxman.”

And guess what happened after a few hours?



VVS Laxman followed me on Twitter. And as if this was not enough, he also sent me a direct message.


I was lost for words (much like VVS in the commentary box)!

Just typed “Sure, thanks a lot VVS!”

For all you know, he might unfollow me tomorrow (or someday in the near future), but that doesn’t matter.

I have enough proof to tell my grandchildren with a puffed chest, “VVS Laxman follows only 262 people on this planet, and I am one of them”



Chennai Rains

Chennai, this November, has recorded its highest rainfall in 10 years. News reports say close to 60 people have lost their lives this month. Livelihood of thousands of people has been affected.

How prepared is Chennai for such bursts of rain in the future? Are all the basic amenities/checks in place? How are other states which receive much higher amount of rain annually able to cope with it? These are questions that the TN authorities need to ponder upon. Personally, it was appalling to see pictures of subways filled with 12 feet of water.

We’ll leave the introspection for a later day.

Today, I share a few pics on Chennai rains in the form of tweets, from different parts of the city.

Saddy Ki Shaadi

Having stayed in North India for close to two years now (considering Shillong is North East India), North Indian weddings aren’t new to me anymore. Gone are the days when I went to a North Indian wedding, terribly under-dressed, not knowing then about the dress code people usually follow.

Gourav Sachdeva’s (Saddy as we call him) is the first non-Delhi North Indian wedding I got to witness. We (Shujata, Anurag and I) travelled to Suratgarh over train the night before the wedding.

We talked about a lot of things over the train journey, about Saddy, about his wife and a lot of other things, only to realize the next morning that our co-passengers in the compartment were also Sachdevas, Saddy’s relatives who had come for the wedding.

Suratgarh, Saddy’s hometown and the place where the wedding happened, is a small village town in Rajasthan, pretty close to our national border with Pakistan.

Saddy’s Baraat was (and will be) the longest Baraat I have (will) ever been (be) a part of. We walked, danced, walked and danced for at least a good 4 km, for more than an hour. It was great fun, nevertheless, with friends from college and Saddy’s relatives dancing their hearts out to some Punjabi beats.

The Paneer Masala Dosa that I had at the wedding was one of the best pieces of food that has ever gone through my food pipe. Anurag would agree. We ate only that. Lots and lots of it.

Trivedi hadn’t changed a bit.

It was fun catching up with Singhim, Annam, Divya (& Abhay), Arora and Anurag after quite some time.

Here’s wishing a great life ahead for the newly wed Saddy and Pooja.

Some tweets I posted during the course of the wedding, follow:

Movie Review: Maari

One consolation of watching Maari is the realization that there’s at least one person apart from me who likes to roam around wearing flowery shirts.

Dhanush in & as Maari

Dhanush in & as Maari

I became a Dhanush fan in 2011 after watching Aadukalam. I liked few of his earlier movies too, including Polladhavan, Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Thiruvilayadal Arrambam and the likes. With 3, Mayakkam Enna and VIP, he was right up there in my list after Rajni, Kamal and Ajith.

Maari is however proof to the fact that if you choose the wrong script, there’s no point acting your heart out. Something which Thala Ajith does a lot.
Some thoughts about the movie I tweeted right after watching the movie, below.

People inside Metro

Picture this. Many of my colleagues have this as a daily routine. Catching a metro from their home in Delhi, switching lines at Rajiv Chowk, travelling another 50 minutes till Huda City Center Metro Station and reaching office by 10 am, There are certain people who spend 4 hours a day (16.67% of their God-given time) on travelling in the metro.

Delhi Metro undoubtedly is the lifeline of Delhi NCR. And what with the amount of time we spend travelling in it, we can’t help but notice the different types and “breeds” of our co-passengers. On one such journey in the Metro from Rajiv Chowk till Huda City Center, I tried to document the kinds of people who throng the metro, day in and day out.


On this occasion, I register my extreme joy on the fact that Chennai Metro is now functional. Can’t wait to go home and travel in Chennai’s new lifeline.

Sneak peak into “Scion of Ikshvaku”

Being active on Twitter has its benefits. I had pre-ordered “Scion of Ikshvaku” on Amazon and answered a few contest questions, and bang, landed myself an opportunity to attend a meet-and-greet event with the Author himself. I was elated.

With hopes of getting to know more about the Ram Chandra series, I reached India Habitat Center at Lodhi Road.

Few live tweets from the event follow:

Now, time to keep calm and wait for June 24 (expected date of delivery of the book) to enter the mystic world of Lord Ram!