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MSD P53 – Second year diaries: Part 2 – The trip that wasn’t!

It was the month of July and PGP13 batch had just settled in. Around that time, a few people from PGP12 thought we should go on a batch trip somewhere. All the 108 of us. Discussions began over dinner, with everyone pouring in their ideas about the best place to go. After consulting a few of our seniors (PGP11), a few “heavy-weights” of PGP12 decided we should go on a trip to Amalarem. Apparently our seniors had been there last year and found it to be awesome.

Lunch and snacks all packed, the 90 odd of us left the campus at 5:30 am hoping for an awesome day ahead…



Only to realize later that the bridge connecting our place to the final destination (I’m very bad with names!) had been damaged and we could no longer carry out our one day trip, as planned.

So, “heavy-weights” of the batch had a serious discussion with the locals and came up with a Plan B – to go to “Bangladesh border” and to a place which apparently had “blue water”.



En route to the Bangladesh border, we came across a small waterfall. Of course, it was enough for us to create a “photo” opportunity and we spent a good half hour there.




Next, we headed to our prime destination for the day – Bangladesh border. I can proudly tell my grandson someday that I’ve stepped on Bangladesh. 😛

IMG_7266 IMG_7267


Just a few kilometres away from the border was the “Blue water” lake. Unfortunately due to excessive siltation, the blue water had all turned brown, for the lake to look like any other lake one could find. The fact that the water was not “blue” combined with the sun beating down hard, spoiled the moods of many of us (not me :P). Braving the sun, I, along with a dozen others, made the most of this opportunity to go on a small boat ride on the waters while others took rest in the bus.


The only welcome respite of the trip was the spellbinding beauty which nature offered us on our way back.


No other state in India has as apt a name as Meghalaya, I realized. Truly the abode of the clouds!

3:30 am


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