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Photo Diaries #5: Shillong, again!

I recently got an opportunity to visit Shillong; small but memorable trip it was. The feeling of entering that campus (IIM Shillong Campus)  again after 19 months, cannot be explained in words.

Remember that strange but beautiful feeling you have on the build-up to going “home”? I had that feeling on the Guwahati-Shillong highway. The road has changed a lot. It takes just 2 hours now to reach Shillong from Guwahati; used to take at least 3.5 hours back then.

Five minutes into the campus, my colleague from Office asked me, “How are you even staying in Gurgaon, after staying here for two years?!?!?!”

She had a fair point. But, life has to move on. Memories last forever.

Some pictures from within the campus and from Shillong:

The main building, during Sunrise!

The main building, during Sunrise!

Lawn area, within campus

Lawn area, within campus

The Fireplace

The Fireplace

Sit-out within campus

Sit-out within campus

Dipen Da

Dipen Da

View of Barapani (or Umiam Lake)

View of Barapani (or Umiam Lake)

Guwahati-Shillong highway

Guwahati-Shillong highway

Chota boat in Barapani

Chota boat in Barapani


Happy Days @ Amrita, relived

Everyone, no matter how old they are, will always cherish their College days! For most people, it is the best part of their lives. Amrita is a special chapter in my life that would stay with me for years to come.

Today marks the first anniversary of Amrita 2008-2012. I still remember this day one year ago, when I had to say Good bye to the people who were my life for four full years. Today, I try and relive those four years.

>>> The two most common phrases heard inside the campus – “Namah Sivayah” and “Om Amriteshwaryai Namah”

>>> First year days, when the only worry in our minds was about how we performed in periodical exams. Loved those days of Bindaas.


>>> One Day pass 

We had a very religious routine on Sundays. Get the day pass, catch the 7:30 train to Coimbatore, have breakfast @ RHR, watch a movie in KG Cinemas (later Sathyam), have lunch @ Annapurna, take the 4:30 or 7:00 train back to Ettimadai.


>>> Tea-time 

Evening tea was the best time to catch up with what had happened over the day. We’d laugh over a funny incident that happened in class or have a heated discussion on why Rohit Sharma was included in the India squad.

2012-03-08 17.25.45

>>> Playing Cricket

I still remember the first year days when we’d be playing a match in the ground, when our seniors would come mid-way and shoo us away and take the entire ground for themselves. But, Vaazhkai oru vattam. We did the same thing to our juniors as well.

We had the Selva-DMS Trophy (On the lines of Border-Gavaskar Trophy) in third year, named after two legends of Cricket, Selva and Dr. TMS. The  nights before match days would witness strategies being formulated by the teams, team selection meetings and even match practice, some times.


In the final year, we came up with an epic tourney called AECPL (Amrita ECE Cage Premier League) on the lines of IPL. We had a player auction wherein the three captains had to bid for players. My team was named EKSI (Enna Koduma Sir Idhu). We won that tournament.

302012-01-23 16.44.19100_2329

>>> Watching Cricket

Playing and watching cricket are two completely different things. TV room used to be flooded during IPL. CSK vs DC matches were always epic, irrespective of the result. The CSK vs RCB match in which Albie scored 28 off Kohli’s over is still afresh in my mind. Other than that, Sachin’s 200, Sachin’s 175 and all World Cup matches were amazing to watch in the TV room with tens of others.




>>> Swimming

This is one thing that every Amritian is proud of. “Olympic-sized” Swimming pool. Didn’t quite utilize this excellent facility till the final term, during which we went to the pool on almost all evenings.

>>> Canteen

Gone are the days when Choco pastry and OS Milk used to be our staple. I can’t forget the day when the canteen board read “Parrot Kurma – Rs. 25” (they actually meant Parotta Kurma).


It was also a place that witnessed several Class Treats and Birthday treats!


>>> Final year project

The times when we stood helpless in front of the review panel when they used to rip us apart, and the nights before the review when groups sat together and planned how to tackle potential questions from the panel.

>>> German Classes

Though we found it a bit hard to miss cricket to attend German classes initially, we began to love our Prof and the language over due course of time. We (the German students) enjoyed the two weeks when the entire hostel was deserted. Everyone except us, had gone home for the summer vacation.

>>> T.I.M.E Classes

Three days a week for a full year, my evenings were spent in T.I.M.E classes. Didn’t attend many classes in fourth year. I loved the way one of our teachers used “Bloody” in every single sentence of his. Actually I don’t remember his bloody name. We  nick-named him Bloody. But he was a bloody brilliant teacher!

>>> IVs

The IVs to Kodai and Bangalore were both enjoyable. Mekedatu near Bangalore was a new experience.


>>> Tours

Our first ever tour was to Amritapuri to get Amma’s “hug” and blessings. It helped us gel as a batch. Over the course of four years, we visited many places. Ooty, Munnar, Alleppey and Velliangiri, among others.


Velliangiri was an unforgettable trip! I wish to go there, again!


>>> Alloylica

When there’s Metallica, why not Alloylica? That was the rationale behind us choosing Alloylica as the name for our music group. Guru Purnima, Gokulashtami and Amritotsavam were the three main cultural fests. There was one bhajan of ours that became so famous that we rendered it for god-knows-how-many number of times.