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Ask Srini – Cricket Quiz #5 – IPL

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How well do you know the Indian Premier League? Take this Quiz to know!


Today’s theme – IPL

15 questions. 15 hints. 15 answers.


  1. Out of all the hundreds scored in IPL, who scored the slowest hundred (complete innings)?
  2. What’s the highest score in an IPL final for a winning cause?
  3. Who has got out for duck the most number of times in IPL?
  4. Who has the most number of 50 plus scores in IPL?
  5. Who has the highest career strike rate in IPL?
  6. Who holds the record for the worst economy rate (Inns) currently?
  7. There have been a whopping 14 hat-tricks that have been taken in IPL. Who are the only 2 players to pick more than one hat-trick?
  8. Which legendary bowler ended an innings with bowling figures of 5 for 5?
  9. Who has the worst career economy rate in IPL?
  10. Who delivered this best all-round performance of scoring 83 off 38 and picking up 4 wickets in the same innings?
  11. Which two pairs of players have the most century stands in IPL?
  12. Who has won the most number of matches as Captain?
  13. Who is the only player to win the Purple Cap twice?
  14. Which team has won the most consecutive number of matches?
  15. Which team has lost the most consecutive number of matches?







  1. It was his only IPL hundred
  2. It was scored by someone who is now an established Test player
  3. Remember that famous streak where he got our for a duck 4 out of 5 matches? πŸ™‚
  4. No. It’s not Virat Kohli. He doesn’t hold all the records, at least as of now πŸ™‚
  5. Maxwell, Sehwag, Gayle, ABD, Pollard and Yusuf Pathan are 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 in the list
  6. One of the following legends – Dinda, Aaron, Ishant, Umesh, Piyush Chawla πŸ™‚
  7. Both Indians
  8. Spin bowler
  9. He has scored a century at Lord’s
  10. Mallya loved it
  11. One player features in both the pairs
  12. No hint for this πŸ™‚
  13. No hint.
  14. They won 10 matches on the trot
  15. No hint







  1. Sachin Tendulkar. S/r of 151.51
  2. Murali Vijay’s 95 against RCB in 2011
  3. Shared by Gautam Gambhir and Harbhajan Singh. 12 ducks each
  4. David Warner, with 32 fifties.
  5. Andre Russell. 173.41
  6. Ishant Sharma. gave 66 runs (at 16.5) playing for SRH against CSK in 2013


    Beat that!

  7. Amit Mishra (3) and Yuvi (2)
  8. Anil Kumble, aginst RR in 2009
  9. Ajit Agarkar. 8.85


    Agarkar, take this!

  10. Yuvi. In 2014, against `Rajasthan Royals
  11. Kohli-Gayle and Kohli-ABD. 7 frickin’ century stands each


    Legends of the format. Legends of the Game!

  12. MS Dhoni. 82 wins. Second in the list id Gambhir with 60. Third is Gilchirist with 35. MSD you beauty!
  13. Dwayne “Champion” Bravo
  14. KKR. 2014-15
  15. PWI and DD. 11 matches.

Most consecutive losses in IPL. Look at the number of times PWI and DD feature in this list.





Barely “Rising” Pune

Yes, I am one of those 70 million CSK loyalists who were left with no choice but to support Rising Pune Supergiants and/or Gujarat Lions this season of the Indian Premier League, and next, after CSK got expelled from the League for 2 full seasons. Even though Gujarat got a major chunk of the CSK core including Raina, Jaddu, BMac, Dwayne Smith, Dwayne Bravo and the likes, I chose to support Pune because of one man. You Know Who!

It’s not a normal bond that we shared; me and Chennai. It started way back in late 2007 when I heard Kris Srikanth’s voice in a Tamil FM channel. He talked about this new T20 league and about how there was going to be a team from Chennai participating in the same. I was in Class XII. Used to listen to FM a lot those days. Srikanth was endorsing a contest that the Radio channel conducted to nominate a name for the Chennai side.

Even back then, I was already a full time Dhoni veriyan. I was elated when the announcement came that Dhoni was the Star Player for the Chennai side and that he would be leading the side at least for the first 3 seasons. My favourite player playing for my favourite city.

People have asked me this question. “What if Dhoni was picked by some other side? Would you have stilled supported Chennai or the side Dhoni led?”. Glad this never happened. Because it’s a tough question. Perhaps, I’d have still rooted for Dhoni’s side.

The memories Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings have given us over the last 8 seasons will be cherished for a lifetime. Who knows what’s going to happen in 2018, when Chennai is back?! It’s not guaranteed Dhoni is going to play for Chennai in 2018. He would love to, I know. But who knows what’s in store?!

There was this interview Dhoni had given before the beginning of IPL 9. There was this question asked about how he felt playing for a team other than Chennai Super Kings. His reply gave goosebumps to every single CSK loyalist. His own eyes were damp. Such was the bond he shared with the side. Who would not, after leading a side in style for 8 straight years?

There’s not a single, I repeat, not a single IPL side that has had exactly one Captain across all 8 seasons, apart from Chennai. I still get goosebumps while watching some of CSK’s best IPL moments. Haydos-Vijay opening stands, Dhoni mania at Dharamshala, Bravo-Pollard flight moment, Albie’s 28 against Virat Kohli’s bowling, Ash and Murali bowling in tandem, that off side field with BMac, Faf, Raina, Jaddu. There’s a lot more. Aah, how we miss that Chennai side!

You might be wondering what does the blog title have to do with the content it’s got. Well, it’s been more than 100 days since I last published a post. I need some time to warm up πŸ™‚

It’s okay Barely Rising Pune Supergiants. Next season is ours!


An evening with the Chennai Super Kings

There are followers.

There are fans.

And then, there are maniacs.

When it comes to the Chennai Super Kings, I fall into the third bucket.

The company I work for is one of the sponsors and the official e-Commerce partner of the Chennai Super Kings for this edition of Indian Premier League. So when I got to know there was a Β meet and greet function organized, where we’d get a chance to meet a few CSK players, I wasn’t going to miss it!

Paaru and I reached the gates of ITC Maurya, realizing (as we walked to the entrance) that we were a bit over-dressed for the occasion.

Right at the entrance near the reception area, I spotted Ishwar Pandey, Pawan Negi, Mohit Sharma and Russel (the CSK manager who is hyper-active on Twitter). With players so accessible, I though it was going to be a great evening. Realized later that I wasn’t disappointed.

All three players were into their phones. Talk about heights of technology overdose. Just for a moment when Ishwar Pandey looked up, I seized the opportunity to request him for a pic. He obliged. We wished him good luck for this IPL campaign and clicked a selfie with him.

With Ishwar Pandey, Chennai Super Kings

With Ishwar Pandey, Chennai Super Kings

Just when I was about to meet Mohit Sharma, a bouncer whose biceps would have made Dwayne the Rock Johnson jealous pushed me aside with a stern look. “No more pictures”. That’s all he said.

Shortly, the players vacated the reception area, still deeply engrossed in their phones.

A little while later, I bumped into Irfan Pathan near the loo. “Irfaaaaan, big fan!!! One pic please”, I exclaimed. “Hi (looking into his phone), give me a moment. I am trying to figure my things out”. And off, he vanished.

After 2 futile attempts of giving those big players a chance to get pictures clicked with me, I gave up.

The event kick-started at 8 pm. The CSK players made it to the stage with a huuuge roar from the crowd. Non-stop whistles as Mike Hussey, Suresh Raina, Ravi Ashwin, Irfan Pathan and Ronit More made it to the stage one by one.

Hussey wore that infectious smile all through the evening. What a gentleman! Ronit More was a sub for Sir Jadeja who was initially slated to attend the event. Raina, Ashwin and Irfan Pathan didn’t miss a single opportunity to kalaaichify (make fun of) Ronit More. Ashwin called Ronit the upcoming Waqar Younis of India, while Raina and Irfan set him up with a girl, who made him blush all through the evening. Hussey and Ashwin played Dumb Charades with loud cheers from the audience. Irfan sang a couple of songs. Raina judged people from the audience who went on stage to enact their favorite “Sholay” scenes, Sholay being Raina’s all time favorite movie. Raina and irfan enacted a few scenes too.

To see the CSK stars laughing their hearts out just a day after a thumping defeat against the Delhi Daredevils was a lesson in itself.

The crowd was well organized and all of us got a chance to get clicked with the CSK lions.

I managed to say, “Huge fan Sir!”, to Mike Hussey who was sitting in the corner. He smiled back!
Something I can tell my grandchildren. “I have a pic with Mr. Cricket!”.

Mike Hussey, Ravi Ash, Ronit More, Raina and Irfan Pathan, Chennai Super Kings

Mike Hussey, Ravi Ash, Ronit More, Raina and Irfan Pathan, Chennai Super Kings

An evening with the Chennai Super Kings that I’ll remember for a long time!

Photo with a Dhoni standee is good enough

Photo with a Dhoni standee is good enough

Mighty Mahendra!

Yesterday, I witnessed a cricket match from the Stadium in which Anil Kumble, several years back, did the unthinkable. Feroz Shah Kotla. Only my second venue to view this sport after Chepauk (on many occasions).

Some defining moments from the game:

Dwayne teeing off

For once, I agree with Ravi Shastri when he says Dwayne Smith doesn’t play cricket. He plays Golf. All he does is stand there and tee off. The ball hits the sight screen with a thump. Flat six. It’s been a feature of his batting this IPL. 24 sixes already, ahead of Maxwell and the likes. I would put my money on Dwayne Smith to own the Orange Cap this season. He’s only marginally behind Maxwell and is more reliable.

Reliable One Down

Raina is like the sincere school kid who has 100% attendance record and gets awarded a certificate on Annual Day. Playing each and every match that CSK has ever played is no easy task. The Man of Steel, Badrinath was the only other player who held that record, till Season 6. Raina is so much more awesome up the order at one down. Such a pleasure to watch him drive or sweep the ball.

Viru Craze

People in Delhi love him. Even now. Can’t believe how DD left him out shamelessly, in the player auctions earlier this year. Expect a packed house at Kotla later this week when KXIP takes on DD. Irrespective of his form, Sehwag epitomizes the way the game should be played. With a smile. Compare that with what happened between Pollard and Starc today.

Mighty Mahendra

Dhoni is undoubtedly India’s second most loved and cheered cricketer, after the Great Man (World knows Who). Harsha Bhogle says and I agree, “This Dhoni… He devours pressure for a living”. As long as he’s there, you can believe (without being ridiculed by others) that even 60 from 3 overs is not impossible. Let alone, 10 from 5 (as was the case yesterday). I was one of the fortunate souls to watch his crafty century at Chepauk against Pakistan when the Indian top order crumbled for 29 for 5. It’s almost as if he creates so much pressure on the bowler that he can make the bowler bowl the length he wants. Unadkat gave him a juicy half volley which he smashed straight back for six. The Big Screen screamed “Mighty Mahendra”. That was all that was needed. One six. And “Mighty Mahendra” was trending in India on Twitter. Speaks volumes about the fan base he enjoys.

Speaking of Twitter and fan base, how can we forget Superstar’s entry to Twitter yesterday? Reserved for another day.