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MSD P44 – Delhi Diary I

It’s been ­three weeks’ stay so far in the national capital (also called the crime Capital of India). I’ve heard my parents say that I had been here when I was a kid, though I don’t remember most of it.

Delhi is not as hot as people told it would be; at least not as yet. I stay a metro station away from my workplace, in a place called Ashok Nagar, with four friends/colleagues. Pani Puri and Momos are very common here – so common that you could find at least one Pani Puri vendor in your LOS wherever you stand. During our walk back from the workplace to our PG, we ensure that our tummy is kept busy, constantly feeding it with Pani Puris/Aloo Tikkis/Samosas/Fried Nuts. Evenings are invariably spent watching/following IPL matches.


Delhi Metro was one thing that I immediately fell in love with. No one can guess that it’s 10 years old; it’s so well maintained.


People are well disciplined (I tell this in spite of losing my Smartphone in the metro) and always follow the queue.


Red Fort, Qutb Minar, National Museum and India Gate are some notable places that we’ve visited over the three weeks (weekends, rather). We also went to Connaught Place (“hi-fi” area with shops of you-name-it brands selling over-priced products), The Great India Place (supposedly India’s biggest mall) and Bengali Market (Nomoshkaar!).

Red Fort was way bigger than I had imagined. I thought Red Fort was just the front wall that we see in the Red Fort Crackers during Diwali; thoroughly mistaken. You could spend an entire day inside the monument.

India Gate is an excuse for Marina Beach. You could see hundreds of families having a mini-picnic, tourists (like me) clicking pictures, kids playing around, ice cream vendors and sundal boys swarming the place. All these happen on the lush green lawns that sprawl for hundreds of meters on either side of the road. On the opposite side of the road lies the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament and the Central Secretariat Buildings.

Okay. Let me stop sounding like a Tourist guide. 🙂

Not only in Chennai, Autokaarans are mosamaana fellows in Delhi too. We got fooled by an autokaaran today. For a distance that Usain Bolt would have traversed in less than 30 seconds, we paid sixty. I think I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have worn the sun glasses while negotiating terms with the autokaaran.

On a different note, ecstatic that CSK are ruling the roost in IPL. That 67 off 37 by MSD in a chase against SRH was chance-less. And Huss, take a bow! Consistency at its best!

I got the shock of my life today, when a Bengali friend of mine told me that he thought Lungi was the traditional wear that Tamilians adorn themselves with, during auspicious occasions. Dei.

It took me a lot of time to explain him the difference between Veshti/Dhoti and Lungi.

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