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MSD P52 – Second year diaries: Part 1 – Pandal hoppings and cake cuttings

The last time I blogged about life at IIM Shillong, Sachin wasn’t yet a “former Indian cricketer”, Nelson Mandela was still alive, Delhi was still being ruled by Sheila Dikshit and I was still 22 years old. 

It’s not going to be easy to document the happenings of the past few months in a single blog post; so I’ll split it over three or four posts.

“Pujo” Special

I’ve heard from people that Durga Pooja is celebrated in a big way in the eastern part of our country. I experienced it for the first time this year, thanks to my Bong friend Anupam who was gracious enough to take us on a “Pandal Hopping” trip around Police Bazaar, Shillong. From Pandal to Pandal we hopped, till our legs were tired and stomachs began to rumble. It was an evening well spent in a festive atmosphere with happy faces around.





November was the month of birthdays. Starting with my own, there were at least a dozen birthday guys and girls last month! From the celebrations in the quadrangle to the small parties in the hostel rooms, birthdays have always been special.


Annam’s birthday!


Sachdeva’s birthday


Rutwik’s birthday


Shivank’s birthday

Night Canteen is open!

The winter season is truly on here, with mercury plunging as low as 0 degrees during the night (I know it goes to minus 25 degrees in some parts of the world, but trust me, 0 feels cold too). With subzero temperatures and cold wind blowing on your face, the long walk to the night canteen near the auditorium, to have a cup of hot coffee (or a glass of cold Thums Up) is more like a ritual of sorts. Thanks to the efforts of HosComm, the canteen is open from 12 to 2 am on a regular basis, unlike in first year when it was erratic.


Kohli, a flat-track bully? Says who?

It was a century with class written all over it, from Virat Kohli. Whereas Dhawan and Rohit poked at deliveries that had nothing to do with them, this man stood his ground, choosing wisely, which ones to attack and which ones to leave alone. Talks volumes about how he’s grown as a cricketer. I thought India played with 12 men today, including Imran Tahir, who was offering ladoos to the Indian batsmen.


6:00 am