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India vs Pakistan

February 15, 2015.
This was one day Indians didn’t need an alarm to wake up.

The buildup to this day started many months ago, when the fixture for Cricket World Cup 2015 was announced.
India vs Pakistan was (and will always be) more than just a game. These are matches that will be remembered, decade after decade.

People might not remember much from the ’96 World Cup, but the Sohail-Venkatesh Prasad duel will be etched in the minds of every Indian fan. India won many matches in South Africa in 2003, but defeating Pakistan was the sweetest (Cricket lovers just cannot forget that 98 from the little master). Across formats, across geographies, across time, nothing in sport beats an Indo-Pak encounter, for an Indian supporter.

Indian supporters were found smiling sheepishly when Star Sports came up with this brilliant ad, a week ago.

This is a great start to the tournament by the defending champions. More importantly, the bowlers showed signs of awesomeness, in bits and pieces. If they are able to replicate such performances consistently and against better quality sides (SA next weekend, for example), Dhoni will have an easier job, defending the title.

Today, Pakistan didn’t have the likes of Ajmal, Hafeez, Gul, etc. None (or maximum 1 or 2) of the players from today’s Pakistan team would have made it to the Pakistan team of the 90s. India (despite a pathetic season in Australia so far) were the better team on paper, easily. Still, they had to go out there and win it, which they did.

Sharing a few tweets which did the rounds during the game.

Now, it’s time to get back to the reality of life. Until next Sunday!