SriniTravels – Europe 2018 Part 3

Having spent 3 days at Paris, Aarav and I were in no mood to leave the beautiful city brimming with History.

The photograph below was clicked when we were just about to leave Paris for Brussels.

Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, was not a big line item in our agenda. We just spent about 3-4 hours in the city. On our arrival in the city, our Coach halted near a majestic cathedral (I later came to know as the Saint-Michel Cathedral). With an impressive facade and tall towers on either side, the cathedral stood out completely from its surroundings which looked like modern day buildings. After a brief photo-op outside it, our Tour Manager took us straight to the city center of the Brussels Old town.

Right in the heart of the Old town is the city’s main plaza, known as the Grand Palace. Stand in the middle of the square and you could literally feel like you’re back to the 17th century. The horse carriages, buildings, sculptures all give you a feeling of medieval Europe.

The highlight of the Grand Palace to me was the ornately carved stonework with rich golden decoration.

We then walked down a street bustling with tourists from all geographies thronging the restaurants and cafes on either side. Brussels is famous for Belgian Waffles, Belgian Chocolates and French Fries (which apparently originated in Belgium and not France as the name suggests).

We treated ourselves to some authentic Belgian Waffles topped with melted white chocolate and headed to see Brussel’s most hyped landmark – the Mannekin Pis; nothing but a small 2 feet statue of a baby urinating. There are multiple Legends associated with this boy and how he went on to become a symbol of people of Brussels. It also embodies their sense of humour and independence of mind.

After a brief photo-op at Atomium, we headed straight to the sin City, Amsterdam.

To be continued…


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