Sachin vs Kohli: A Different perspective

In this post, I try to compare the ODI careers of Virat Kohli (till July 2017) and Sachin Tendulkar.

The summary below shows how the batsmen fared compared to their Top 50 counterparts in their respective eras.

As one can observe, Kohli averaged 14 more than his peers, while Sachin averaged 7 more. This is an indirect indicator that Kohli is better than Sachin when it comes to ODI batting.


The graphs below show cumulative runs and batting average since ODI debut for the 2 Legends.

Notice Sachin’s graph taking a steep climb in Year 9? Right. 1998 it was.

Dream year for Sachin with a whopping 9 ODI Centuries (remains a record till date) and an average of 65 with 100+ Strike Rate.

At around Year 10, in terms of absolute runs, the graphs more or less coincide.


I’ll leave for you to decide who is the better batsman among the two.

And Kohli is not done yet. He scored 2 more centuries in 5 matches against Sri Lanka after these Stats were compiled.



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