Indian Cricket Team is not Paneer Butter Masala

I was one of the most fortunate souls today. 

Firstly, today was my first Father’s Day as a father; completely different feeling to have an innocent tiny bundle of joy in my hands. 

Secondly (and related to this post), I could not watch or even follow a single ball of the Indian chase and collapse in the Champions Trophy final today against Pakistan; I was flying the entire duration. I got all the shock at once, after I landed in Delhi at around 9.30 pm.

Yes, it’s disheartening to see our Men in Blue lose a Final. We were the favourites to retain the trophy, especially after India were to play Pakistan in the Final. We had beaten them comprehensively on June 4; they are also No. 8 side in the World and barely managed to scrape through and qualify for the tournament. 

But, over time, we have realised that it’s easier to understand even Quantum Physics but not this Pakistan side. Who’d have thought they’d come up with such a complete performance? And what a day and stage to up the ante. Complete credit to this young Pakistan side for lifting this Champions Trophy when everyone were thinking South Africa, England, India.

They have not only surprised the cricketing world, but also themselves. 

Where is Thissara Perera hiding? His dropped catch in hindsight defined this tournament.

Coming to India’s performance, today was a day when all departments collectively failed. Bowling discipline and batting specifically. It so happened that Pakistan also simultaneously produced their A game. Result is there for all to see.

But take nothing away from the Indian side. We could have done a few things better, but it’s unfair to expect them to produce best results every day. 

Indian Cricket Team is not Paneer Butter Masala. They cannot make us happy everyday. The fact is, they make us happy most days. We should cherish and savour those moments. On days when they don’t, we should take them in our stride and continue to support this champion side. If Champion sides can win all championships, then there is no excitement in watching. The unpredictability of this sport (or any) is what makes it fascinating to watch/follow.

Men in Blue, we stand with you. Now go clean sweep West Indies and Sri Lanka and come back. 

Congrats to Indian Hockey Team on the 7-1 win against Pakistan. Congrats also to Kidambi Srikanth on the historic win.

Virat Kohli has matured as a person hasn’t he? His post match pressers/interviews are a treat. 


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