Documentary Review: Sachin, A Billion Dreams

What’s a harder job than being Sachin Tendulkar? Making a film on him. 

Sachin is an open book to Indians and cricket fans across the world. What more, there’s also an autobiography out in the open; “Playing it my way”. What then can a movie about the great man add on? Director had a tough job at hand indeed. 

Did he succeed? Nope. “Sachin, A billion dreams” is a good documentary at best. There is no need to go to a Cinema hall to watch this documentary. Cinematography credits for 50% of the movie goes to Anjali Tendulkar. The movie is replete with personal moments of Sachin as seen through her handicam. 

The movie could have been shot in 12 hours, and thus adding another record to Sachin’s already loooong list of records. Not sure what took them so long to get this movie together. 

No scope for Rahman. Where can he score when most of the film has people talking to the camera? 

There are goosebumps moments in the film, but very far and very few. 

This movie is not meant for Indians or people who know Tendulkar. It’s meant for people who know nothing about Sachin or cricket. It might seem entertaining to them. Not for us Indians or Sachin fans, who know Sachin in  and out. Maria Sharapova might enjoy it. 

You can’t blame the Director too. There’s no scope for him to create any sort of suspense. 

What about screenplay? Last thing we wanted was Sachin’s story told in chronological order. That’s exactly what the Director has given us. 

“Sachin, A Billion Dreams” is like a good documentary on Cricket you would want to sit in your home and watch on Star Sports. Not a movie you need to go to Cinema halls for. 

“Fire in Babylon” is a better made documentary on Cricket. Watch it if you haven’t yet. 


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