I hate you, Rajamouli Sir!

Dear Rajamouli Sir,

I hate you. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I truly do. And there is a reason for it. 

I happened to watch “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” for the third time today. Two times in Tamil and once in Hindi. I was stunned to see that you’ve managed to create the same impact as the Originals (Telugu and Tamil) in a dubbed version (Hindi). When I walked out of the cinema hall today, spellbound as I was, just like the first time, the reality slowly sinked in. That’s the end of the Bahubali series, at least on the big screen. That’s why I hate you. 

I know “The World of Bahubali” will continue to exist, through book series, comics, TV series, games, virtual reality, etc. like you have been saying in interviews, but none can match the impact created by your magic on the big screen. 

There is a dialogue in your movie where Sivagami says, “Once in a while, even God who sits in his temple has to come out to the streets to hears the sukh/dukh of the people.” It applies to you too. Once the Bahubali 2 wave is over, take some time out to hear what people have to say. Open your twitter account to see the comments. People are thoroughly gutted that this series has ended in just 2 movies. Why oh why? Why can’t you take another movie as a prequel to tell us the story of Amarendra Bahubali’s dad? Or may be the story of Mahishmati under its current Ruler Mahendra Bahubali. I sincerely hope you do. Take your time. Take a long, well deserved break. But take a good decision. We need more of Bahubali on the big screen. 

Bahubali franchise can give the likes of Marvel, DC a run for their money. I am not joking. 1500 Cr is not a joke. 

Till you come up with Bahubali 3, we shall make do with stuff like “Rise of Sivagami” and other books, media to stay connected with the Bahubali universe. 

But remember Rajamouli Sir, like Devasena waited for 25 years for Mahendra Bahubali, we will be waiting for the return of Bahubali. 

I hope this letter reaches you.

Yours truly,


Jai Mahishmati 


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