Movie Review: Baahubali – The Conclusion (No spoilers)

Author’s note: Don’t worry. This post doesn’t have the answer to why Kattappa killed Baahubali. Nor does it have any other spoiler about the Epic. But I am assuming you’ve at least seen the first part since I will be using certain references from it.

Having seen how the first part of the Epic ended, with Kattappa (Satyaraj) narrating Sivudu (Prabhas) on the legacy of The Great Amarendra Baahubali, we all knew what was going to be the eventual conclusion.

Sivudu (alias Mahendra Baahubali) would rout Mahishmati with his army and kill (burn to death) Bhallaladeva in the pyre in the presence of his mom Devasena (beautifully played by Anushka), as vowed by her. 

We knew this was going to happen. Despite that, Director S. S. Rajamouli manages to keep the audience hooked, throughout the movie well into the climax. That’s where the success of the movie lies.

The love sequences in Kuntala kingdom between Devasena and Baahubali could have been released as a separate movie in itself. Beautifully scripted. 

Anushka was the perfect choice to essay the bold, strong, gorgeous, righteous, caring, lovable Devasena, Princess of Kuntala Kingdom who falls for Baahubali. 

Ramya Krishna will now have Padayappa as the number 2 film in her career. Baahubali her best. No better person to play the pivotal Sivagami role. 

Rana Daggubati as Bhallaladeva is not the traditional villain you’d see in Tamil, Telugu cinema. His characterisation based on jealousy, inferiority complex sort of blends into elevating Baahubali’s character too. Key role.

Kattappa essayed by Satyaraj gets most screen presence in the movie, after Devasena, Baahubali. Powerful role played to perfection by veteran Satyaraj. Humor in certain scenes in first half equally laudable as the emotional, pivotal scenes.

With Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishna, Satyaraj and Rana, SSR has got the casting spot on.

There are many people who have essayed the role of Karnan. But when you think of Karnan, you think of the Great Sivaji Ganesan. Similarly, Kattabomman – Sivaji Ganesan; Bharathiyar – Sayaji Shinde.

After Baahubali, when you think of a great Warrior King, the first image that might strike you could be of Prabhas. What a man! His 5 years dedication to the movie and script shows. The film is flooded with scenes that will give you goosebumps. SSR might have written them, but you still needed Prabhas to carry that on screen. Stand up and salute Prabhas for that. 

Watch out for the scene where Kattappa introduces Baahubali to the Kuntala Kingdom or the court scene where Baahubali gives justice to the Senapati. Cinematic peaks. Excellent scripting, bgm and camera.

Appreciable effort from Art Director Sabu Cyril and Music Director MM Keeravani for bringing mythical Kingdom Mahishmati to life. 

The Conclusion could have ended at the place where The Beginning begins, i.e. when Sivudu (Mahendra Baahubali) is born. Audience could have easily guessed on their mind as to what was in store.

SSR takes the pain to picturise that part too. 

Amarendra Baahubali is immortal. He will live on as long as people in the World talk about cinema. Hats off SS Rajamouli.

P.S: Utterly gutted this series had ended in just 2 parts. 


One response to “Movie Review: Baahubali – The Conclusion (No spoilers)

  1. Kesavan T.R.Dr

    Yesterday review of THE HINDU is also good. I am yet to see the movie. So my comments are reserved. The first part is excellent.
    T R Kesavan

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