Humans of India #6

A recent Facebook post by my Marketing Professor turned Twitter friend, Jayshree Sundar triggered me to write this post. She had posted yesterday about one of her domenstic helps who had come back after years to meet her over a cup of tea, and about how well-to-do she has become over the years. 

That reminded me of our own maid, Renuka, who worked as a maid for 7-8 years at our place. This was from 2002, I vaguely recollect. Over the initial years, she bonded really well with the family. Her husband was employed as a construction worker. She used to earn 300-400 INR a month from say 10 households. 

Fast forward 10 years. Both her sons have completed their under graduation. The younger one is doing his post graduation currently. Her elder son is married. He was a school topper. My mom went along with him for his undergrad counselling. My dad got him his first job. Over the next few years, through his hard work, he would stabilise himself in the company, earning 30k+ a month, a big deal for them. He would ensure his mom doesn’t have to work as a domestic help anymore. They would go on to buy 3-4 lands and construct their own houses and rent them. Fairytale much?

Renuka visits our place often. She stayed at our house, like a family member for 2 full days, last month when my Thatha passed away. She was very bonded to my grandfather. (Who wasn’t?)

Such stories make me think about our own luxurious (relatively) lives. About how much more we could do, with our time. About how little we probably are doing. 

There is inspiration all around us. We just have to “see”.

P.S: I do not have a picture of Renuka handy. Will probably add it sometime later. 


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