200 not out

I started this blog in July 2012, almost 5 years ago. Today, WordPress reminds me our journey together has exceeded 200 posts. For me, that’s not a small number. It averages out to one post every 8.5 days. I am happy to know I have been a fairly consistent blogger. 

What started as a personal account of my life in IIM Shillong now comprises posts on a number of topics of my interest which include travel, music, books, movies, photography and sports (cricket specifically). Cricket Stats deep dives have been a recent addition to my blog where I randomly pick one aspect of the game, dig numbers from ESPN Cricinfo and make a post out of it.

I write out of my own interest. It’s a great feeling. Creating your own content. There are no other intentions of maintaining this blog. Feedback from friends and family on ways I can improve is an added bonus. 

There have been days when I have published posts and there’s hardly any readership. Other days, when there are few 100s to even 1000 visits. Remember one such instance when I wrote a letter to MS Dhoni and posted it on Twitter. The Official CSK handle had retweeted it, leading to massive readership. That was a memorable day in my blogging journey. 

I would like to thank Bhaskar NH, my friend from Undergraduation, who was the motivation behind me starting this blog. I have thanked him many times, and I will keep thanking him in the future, with every milestone. 500 posts. 10 years. 1000 posts. 20 years. A million views. 

Until next milestone, it’s goodbye. 

P.S: Sachin was the first to reach there. I have reached the milestone too. Next target, Brian Lara. 


One response to “200 not out

  1. Super. Keep it going.

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