3 years of Work!

It seems like yesterday that I rushed straight to Gurgaon from IIM Shillong immediately after Convocation, with anxieties of taking up my first job and settling alone, away from the comforts of home. Out of the 110 students from my batch in IIM Shillong, I had the earliest joining date.

Apr 9, 2017 marks the completion of 3 years of my work experience with my first and only company. The journey has been one to cherish and reflect upon.

I work for a start-up. I sort of liked the idea of working for one, even while giving Placement interviews, even though I had little idea about them. I had heard from seniors and friends that there’s nothing like having your first job in a growing start-up. They can’t have been more right.  The learning curve at the beginning was very steep. Today, even after 3 years, it hasn’t plateaued out. Every day poses a new problem to solve, puzzle to disentangle, lesson to learn.

I’ll remember my first boss, Nitin Agarwal till I retire. He’s had a great positive influence on me and my work.

The kind of cross functional exposure we get is limitless. There is no discouragement to try something new, experiment with stuff, fail trying.

I have been fortunate to have innumerable colleagues who have turned good friends and travel buddies, sharing common interests. Many of them even after moving out of the company remain good friends.

In retrospect, an MBA after 12-18 months of work experience would have done me more good. I could have made better sense of the literature being taught in B-Schools with some practical, real work experience. But then, everything looks better in retrospect.

I look forward to another fun-filled, learning-filled work year ahead.


2 responses to “3 years of Work!

  1. congrats on completing 3 years of youthful and very importantly fruitful service; wishing you good luck in your future endeavors. – TRK

  2. Hey Nitin.. hope this fun filled ride of yours continue… forever..

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