Road Safety much?

It’s a common sight these days, at least in Gurgaon, the city I currently reside. Carcasses of dogs right in the middle of the road. It’s a very disturbing sight to start your day. Yesterday, I saw carcasses of two dogs side by side. At least 3 days in a month, my 15 minute bike ride to office offers this disturbing sight of a dead dog, badly hit, in the middle of the road.

Google tells me about 6 Mn dogs die in US every year due to road accidents. That’s 16000 dogs dying every day. Isn’t it staggering? I am sure the number in India would be no less.

Now, whose fault is this? Not all such cases could be a mistake of car/bike riders speeding on the highway. Sometimes, the dogs themselves are at fault, as I have observed multiple times in my late night rides in the city. They suddenly start running from one side of the road to another, often followed by 1 or 2 more dogs, as if they own the roads. I’ve injured a dog once myself, though it was minor, me having applied the brake just in time. The dog survived, but I felt guilty the complete night, thinking about the dog’s health and pain.

We can’t blame it on the dog, can we? They don’t go to school. They are not taught about traffic rules or when to cross roads.

What can we as humans do? Slow down the speed of our vehicle when we spot a dog in 40-50 metre vicinity, assuming it might jump into the middle of the road anytime? Not a tough ask, ain’t it? I have seen Uber/Ola drivers giving the least respect to an animal occupying the middle of the road. Dogs, pigs, cows, buffalos. If the animal doesn’t move in the time the car takes to reach its spot, it’s doomed.

Dogs too have family. Their life too is precious to their near and dear. They too can feel pain. They too have emotions. Can we learn to respect that, and drive more safely?


One response to “Road Safety much?

  1. This is so sad and the numbers concerned are shocking. Slowing down and being more alert helps, and the owners of dogs can be more careful too.

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