Who ruled Twitter in 2016? A study…

So around same time last year, I profiled 20 Indian twitter accounts with an equal mix of political, entertainment, sports and general handles.

I did the same activity today (a year later) for the same 20 handles.

Listed below are some highlights on which among these 20 handles ruled twitter in the past 360 odd days.

Let’s start with the current scheme of things, to give a sense of perspective.



Superstar Rajinikanth leads the list yet again with a whopping 65k followers per tweet. Virendar Sehwag with his witty and timely tweets is a new entrant to my list with 8.7 Mn followers to go with his 8.8k tweets. Nitin Srinivas having a mind-boggling 0.02 followers per tweet is last in the list, closely followed by Anaggh Desai at 0.08.

Even though Rajnikanth, Aamir Khan and Sachin have seen a decline in Followers/tweet compared to last year, they’re still undisputed No.1, 2 and 3 in the list. Among the other 17 handles, Arvind Kejriwal was the only one who saw a decline in followers/tweet.

In terms of absolute followers, Narendra Modi gained 91 lac followers in the past year at the rate of 25k followers a day. Whoah!!!

Mohan Statsman gained 111 followers a day in the past year.



In terms of absolute tweets, no one could come close to Anaggh Desai who added 32k tweets past year at the rate of 89 tweets a day. That’s roughly 2 hours a day spent tweeting. Nitin Srinivas was second in the list, with 10k tweets added in the year, at the rate of 28 tweets a day. VVS Laxman tweeted twice a day while Rajnikanth tweeted once in 14 days.


Until next year…


One response to “Who ruled Twitter in 2016? A study…

  1. 28 tweets a day GREAT

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