A letter to my 12 year old self

Dear Nitin,

This is me Nitin, your future self from 2016.

I must tell you a lot has changed over these 14 years. One, I now feel old.
There’s this new Cricketing sensation, Joe Root, who is 30 days younger to me. He has already scored 8k+ International runs for England. That’s how old I am now. 26 years old.

There have been more than a couple of instances where kids your age have called me Uncle. Not a great feeling this, growing old.

You should be aware of this. Every day counts, Nitin. Make the most of your daily time.

I know you wait for the Clock to strike 7 every day so that you can get your toffees from Thatha (Grandpa) when he is back from work. Great man isn’t he? So active at 75 years of age. Now remember, he is not going to be the same active man, forever. Sooner than you think, his health would start to deteriorate. Spend more time with him. He loves you.

How are your Violin and Carnatic vocal sessions going? I just caught up with a couple of your concert videos. You are doing considerable progress for a 12 year old.

How is the new cycle you got for your 12th birthday? Your first big cycle. Have fun and drive safe. I recently have started cycling again, regularly. Got myself a Btwin.

You have a great set of friends in school. Try to stay in touch with all your close friends. Internet and Social networking will make it a bit easier for you in the coming years.

In 5 years, you’ll be going to College. Those 4-6 years you spend in College are going to be golden days of your life, you will be reminiscing for the rest of your life. Have a great time, make good friends and study hard.

I know you’ve completed all the books in the Secret Seven series. You love it right? Cultivate a regular habit of reading. It should help you immensely.

Are you enjoying watching Cricket? Natwest Series Final still fresh in your memory right. If I am right, your favourite players should be Robin Singh, Ajay Jadeja few years ago and Mohammad Kaif now. You love him for his energy on the field and his fielding. I’m loving the brand of Cricket India are playing these days. They just thrashed England 4-0 in a 5 match Test series.

Look around you. Take all the good things in your stride. Look at Paati. She writes a Diary entry every day. You should write too. Trust me, you’ll love reading it, say 15 years later.

Enjoy your Christmas vacation. I know school starts on Jan 2. All the best and Happy New Year in advance.



Your Future Self from 2016

P.S: This post is inspired by a similar post I read on Cricinfo by some English guy.


2 responses to “A letter to my 12 year old self

  1. Enjoyed reading this Nitin!!!

  2. Super Nitin. All the Very Best. I think you are writing Diary Daily or was it a New Yera Resolution every year. Start writing again from 01/01/2017. ENJOY every bit

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