Shopclues Diwali Mela 2016

Festivities are in the air!

Shopclues celebrated Diwali in Office on 27th Oct, Thursday. HR Department had organised “Shopclues Diwali Mela” where employees had a chance to set up stalls (food or fun). I participated in the event along with 8 others, to set up a Food and Fun Stall, under the team name “The Fat Boys”.

I had great fun, working with the team, conceptualising and executing our Food and Fun stall. As Head of Marketing and Branding of The Fat Boys, I spammed my Twitter feed with posts about the event (which eventually made 6 people unfollow me :P).

We won the award for “The most innovative and creative Team”, among the 12 participating teams.

Some pics from the event below.

Happy Diwali folks.



2 responses to “Shopclues Diwali Mela 2016

  1. Super boys. Keep it up

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