Joy of Cycling

I’ve written about this before. About my hobbies. I have a love-hate relation with all my hobbies – sketching, blogging, running, cycling, singing and the likes.

I don’t generally do any of them regularly. There will be “interest peaks” when I overdo them. For example, I haven’t blogged for months, but today, this is already my third blog post. Similarly, there was a time when I did 5 pencil sketches in 2 weeks, but haven’t touched it thereafter.

One recent hobby that I’ve developed is cycling. It has not yet become “regular” as yet, but I have a feeling, it will, eventually.

My objective of carrying out this hobby is not to get chiselled abs or anything. Definitely not. I just like the act of cycling. I’ve figured out it gives me peace of mind. I feel light on my body and mind. I feel positive at the end of it. I find it liberating. If in the process, I lose a pound or two, it’s an outcome; not my objective.

I bought a cycle almost a year back. One of the most basic Btwin models (for ~5000 INR). After a few initial days of office commute with it, I rarely used it. It was in a discarded state for months, till last month, when I thought I’d register for a 30 km Cycling event along with a few Office colleagues.


It’s during that event that I realized how big the craze is for cycling in this part of the country. I knew Gurgaon was a fitness conscious city, but the number of people who came with their cycles for that event (across age groups) surprised me. I was one of the last 4 people to complete the 30 km event. I was that slow. But I developed an interest for cycling all over again (after 9 years).

Thankfully, the interest levels haven’t gone down so far in the past 6-7 weeks.


P.S: In case you’re planning to take up cycling too, download “Strava” App. It’s good.





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