Harbhajan “Sadist” Singh?!?

Make no mistake, I have high regards for Harbhajan Singh, who represented India at the highest level in Tests for more than 100  matches, something very few legends of the game have managed to do. Harbhajan was a match winner for us.

Off late, something I despise about him is the fact that he very outwardly hates the fact that Ravi Ashwin (a Legend in the making) is over-shadowing him in the Test format. His tweets are a reflection of the same. People who follow him closely on Twitter will have got that sense.

There were tweet praises from him for Kohli when he scored a double, Rahane when he scored a century. No word of appreciation for Ravi Ash when he star-performed throughout the series and also won the Man of the Series Award. Well, you might argue, one cannot infer any sense of sadism from these hints.

Well, he’s also been outspoken about how pitches currently are “tailor made for spin” and about how his and Anil Bhai’s records would have been “something else” had they played in this era.

Now I don’t expect such talk from someone who is a true sport at heart. Harbhajan clearly is not a true sport, though his tweets later after Ashwin cleared the air though his tweets, seemed to hint the same.

Well, my 2 cents for Harbhajan. You’ve made invaluable contribution to Indian Cricket through your long and celebrated career. Now it’s time for others to take the baton from you to keep the Indian flag flying high. Respect that.

Also, a small stat from the 5 Test matches that both Ashwin and Harbhajan played together.

Ashwin took 35 wickets (against Harbhajan’s 11).

Ashwin had an average of 21 (against Harbhajan’s 41).

Ashwin took 5 fifers and 2 10 Wicket hauls. Number of 5 and 10 wicket hauls that Harbhajan picked in the same matches – Well, Aryabhatta invented the number.


One response to “Harbhajan “Sadist” Singh?!?

  1. Yes people don’t appreciate their competitors. And Harbajan is no exception

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