Ask Srini – Cricket Quiz #1 – ODI Batting

Do you know your Cricket well enough? Want to know a lot of interesting Cricket Trivia?

If your answer is yes, well, you’re at the right place.

This post hopefully marks the beginning of a series of posts on Cricket related Quizzes.

Let’s get into business right away.

Today’s theme is batsmen and ODIs.

Answers at the bottom of the post. Hints in between. 


1. Who is the unfortunate batsman who was given out for “Obstructing the field” while he was batting on 99?

2. Who is the batsman who has been “Run Out” most number of times in ODIs?

3. VVS Laxman has only 6 ODI hundreds, 4 of which came in a single calendar year. Which year was this?

4. Which batsman got out on 99 three times in ODIs?

5. Ricky Ponting has 20 ODI hundreds as Captain for a winning cause. Who is second in the list?






  1. We all love his commentary. #Sarcasm
  2. It’s not Inzamam. He is #3 in the list
  3. No hint
  4. No hint
  5. It’s not Ganguly


  1. Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja


2. Marvan Attapattu, with 41 dismissals. Rahul Dravid is #2 with 40. Inzy at #3 with 39.


Marvan Attapattu

3. 2004. Out of his six ODI hundreds, 4 came against the Aussies, 1 each against Pakistan and Zimbabwe

4. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. All three dismissals happened in the same year – 2007. Jayasuriya got out on 99 twice. There are 39 other players who got out on 99 once each.


So close, yet so far!

5. Mr. 360, AB de Villiers, with 10 centuries as Captain for a winning cause


Mr. 360


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