Movie Review: The Walk

Note: The post has spoilers, but it wouldn’t matter. Just go on and read it. The movie will be awesome anyway.

The plot of the movie is very straightforward. Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist, sets on a mission to tie a tight rope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and walk over it; 110 storeys above the ground.

“I know it’s impossible. I’ll do it anyway”.

The movie is based on a true story. The story of Philippe Petit, a French high wire artist. Read about him here. I was dumbstruck by the fact that someone even dared to think about trying out this daredevil act of walking on a tiny rope across the twin towers. 1300+ feet above ground level.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, it seems, has portrayed Philippe to perfection. His portrayal of Philippe + the background score + the camera angles seal the show. 3D experience is meant for movies like these.

When Philippe takes his first step on the tight wire, you start to freak out at your seat. The experience is so real; like almost first person. And it’s not just the visual effects. The movie has a great underlying theme.

No matter how crazy your dream is, no matter what people say about it, no matter how many ever obstacles come your way, if you’re well prepared, up for it and give it your best, there’s no one stopping you from living your dream.

Had Philippe lost a footing on the rope and slipped his way to death, he’d have been deemed “foolish” for trying out such a foolish impossible illegal act. But because he believed he could succeed and eventually did, he’s a part of History now.

Read about him. Philippe Petit. He planned this act for six years. Yes, six years. He was fully and truly obsessed about it. He practised day in and day out, in all conditions. He faced countless obstacles while planning and executing his mission. Any normal person could have given up at any stage. But that’s what legends are made of. They don’t give up on their dream, no matter what.


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