Movie Review: Thoongavanam

Thoongavanam is the third movie this year (2015) in which Kamal Haasan has played a middle aged father. All three roles have been completely different, with no overlap whatsoever between them.

Of course, you can’t expect anything less from the man who pulled off a Saket Ram (Hey Ram) between a Thenali and Ram CM (Panchathantiram). He has been redefining versatility from the 1970s.

Thoongavanam begins with Kamal’s introduction in the first scene itself. The Director sends a strong message there, that he is not going to waste precious time from a thriller to build up the protagonist’s introduction. Our expectations from the movie rise. We see an action sequence that sets the pace for the movie ahead. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t raise the bar beyond that.

Kamal and Trisha in Thoongavanam

Kamal and Trisha in Thoongavanam

Thoongavanam tries its best to be a racy thriller, and manages to entertain in bits and pieces. The screenplay is very shoddy with the pace never really picking up. Not sure if it was intentional, but didn’t ring a bell with me (a die hard Kamalian myself).

It seems that the events in the movie happen almost in real time; most likely the first of its kind.

Not sure if it was the Trailers or the songs, or the sheer anticipation of a Kamal thriller, my expectations were sky high for Thoongavanam, on the back of two brilliant flicks early this year.

I was disappointed (if not gutted).

Watch it for Kamal, Ghibran (re-recording) and Trisha (doesn’t look a day older than Jesse).

Oh yes, and I watched the movie twice (Second time to accompany my friend and because Vedalam was house full in entire Coimbatore District).

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