Movie Review: Vedalam

In Business Strategy, there are three different sources through which “Strategic positioning” emerges:

1, Serving few needs of many customers

2. Serving broad needs of few customers

3. Serving broad needs of many customers in a narrow market

Be it an enterprise or a movie star, it is essential to identify and establish your strategic positioning in order to be successful.

Ajith has figured out over all these years that SP2 works best for him. Serving broad needs of few customers (the few customers here being his die-hard fans, who are quite a few).

This is the reason why, of late, most of his films are a huge hit at the Box Office but receive mixed reviews from the audience. Vedalam is no exception.

I loved it. In and out. I was shocked to see 1.5-2 ratings from big media houses for the movie.

If Director Siva wanted to make a commercial movie that would be a Diwali Treat for Thala fans and a good entertainer for the neutrals, I’d say he has exceeded expectations in his job.

I was bought the moment I saw the Trailer for the movie with Thala roaring “Therikka Vidalaama” with a bleeding mouth.

Villain in Vedalam

Villain in Vedalam

There are more than 5 goosebumps moments for Ajith fans where Thala just owns the screen. Not sure if there are other actors who could have pulled off these scenes. Vintage Ajith (of the Villain league).

One from theinternet

One from theinternet

I’ve conceded in the past that I’m now an Anirudh fan. Loved his RR in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Does a great job in the mass scenes in Vedalam too. Songs are a let down though.

Shruti Haasan wasted yet again. Lakshmi Menon has done a role to remember.

Bottomline: If you want reality, there’s life. For entertainment, watch Vedalam.


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