Photo Diaries #7: IIM Shillong night life

Of late, due to work, I have had to stay awake for nights together to get things done. But it wasn’t (hasn’t been) tiring. In fact, I’ve been loving it, burning the late night oil, relishing the calm of the night. It’s a great time to work; or do anything for that matter.

This whole thing made me recollect/relive my days in IIM Shillong, where the day (for many of us) started after dinner. It was a great feeling, working with friends, bonding over business cases or a cup of room-made tea. In fact in the last term when things were light, more often than not, we hit the bed only after breaking fast in the Nongthymmai Poori shop which used to open at 6 am.

This pic was taken on the night before our presentation to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who was a visiting Professor at our Institute.

Those were the days

Those were the days

I cannot forget those moments (20 odd minutes) when we were presenting to Dr. APJ. Great feeling. 83 then, he was still as curious as a front bencher in School, taking notes eagerly. That thirst to learn had never faded.

Those were the days.


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