Saddy Ki Shaadi

Having stayed in North India for close to two years now (considering Shillong is North East India), North Indian weddings aren’t new to me anymore. Gone are the days when I went to a North Indian wedding, terribly under-dressed, not knowing then about the dress code people usually follow.

Gourav Sachdeva’s (Saddy as we call him) is the first non-Delhi North Indian wedding I got to witness. We (Shujata, Anurag and I) travelled to Suratgarh over train the night before the wedding.

We talked about a lot of things over the train journey, about Saddy, about his wife and a lot of other things, only to realize the next morning that our co-passengers in the compartment were also Sachdevas, Saddy’s relatives who had come for the wedding.

Suratgarh, Saddy’s hometown and the place where the wedding happened, is a small village town in Rajasthan, pretty close to our national border with Pakistan.

Saddy’s Baraat was (and will be) the longest Baraat I have (will) ever been (be) a part of. We walked, danced, walked and danced for at least a good 4 km, for more than an hour. It was great fun, nevertheless, with friends from college and Saddy’s relatives dancing their hearts out to some Punjabi beats.

The Paneer Masala Dosa that I had at the wedding was one of the best pieces of food that has ever gone through my food pipe. Anurag would agree. We ate only that. Lots and lots of it.

Trivedi hadn’t changed a bit.

It was fun catching up with Singhim, Annam, Divya (& Abhay), Arora and Anurag after quite some time.

Here’s wishing a great life ahead for the newly wed Saddy and Pooja.

Some tweets I posted during the course of the wedding, follow:


4 responses to “Saddy Ki Shaadi

  1. Hey. Great. I could feel you all enjoyed the Shaadi and the journey & the food.
    I know you sing very well. Now you say you can also dance to the tunes. Send photo pl.
    Have fun man. Enjoy.
    My Wishes to the newly wed couples for a very HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.

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