If you ask me to list all my hobbies, the list would end up being longer than the great wall of China. But if you ask me how many of those I pursue consistently, the list would shrink to a size Tyrion Lannister would be proud of.

I like to sing, read books, watch cricket, play cricket, write blogs, travel, read about start-ups, maintain personal diary, listen to music, play violin, tweet, browse through old pics, watch movies, among other things.

There’s a weird trend I’ve figured out about how I treat my hobbies. Tweeting is just about the only hobby I pursue consistently, almost daily. Apart from that, all my hobbies share a love-hate relationship with me.

There have been phases when I’ve completed reading three books in a week. There have also been phases when I hadn’t turned a page in 4 months.

There have been times when I would update my personal diary almost everyday, sharing the minutest of details from the day with my best companion, the Diary. There have also been months when I conveniently ignored my best friend, and my mirror, the Diary.

In 4 weeks, I recorded 4 Karaokes, and then nothing at all thereafter.

There have been times when I wouldn’t miss a single ball of even an India vs Bangladesh Test match. No longer.

It’s been the same love-hate relationship with most of my hobbies.

I was just thinking about this whole thing today. I figured out that our (or may be just “my”) mind doesn’t allow me to pursue multiple hobbies at the same time.

If I have a complete day at my disposal, I can’t watch a TV series for half a day and read a book in the other half. In other words, a hobby which is supposed to be an activity done for the sake of enjoyment in one’s leisure time, becomes an obsession for me. I become so obsessed with my hobbies that I keep thinking about them even in my non-leisure time, reducing my productivity, which in turn increases the time I take to do productive work (be it office work, or otherwise) which in turn reduces the free time I get to pursue my hobbies. To quote the CEO of the company I interned with, “It is a viral loop”.

Alright, the award for the most random blogpost on wordpress goes to….


One response to “Hobbies

  1. I think it’s a general lack of discipline that causes this… I have it too…

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