Photo Diaries #3: Happy Independence Day

My earliest memories of Independence Day go back 20 years in time, when I was a 5 year old kid. In my apartment, we used to begin the day with Flag hoisting by the Secretary of the apartment, followed by a one day trip to some place in Chennai. Most residents of the 45 flat apartment would join and we’d hire a bus for the day. I vaguely remember visiting VGP one year and Mahabalipuram, another.

In one of those trips, we also visited a swimming pool, of which I have a scary memory. I was piggybacking on one of the uncle’s back in the deeper side of the pool, when he did a 180 degree turn to put me into the water. It was a very funny moment for him, but a nightmare of 15-20 odd seconds for me, till I was pulled to the side of the pool and regained my breath.

August 15 is also the day “Roja” was released, 23 years ago, a film that never fails to arouse national pride, whenever you watch it!

And 18 years ago, Rahman came up with “Maa Tujhe Salaam” (“Thaai Manne Vanakkam” in Tamil), on the occasion of India celebrating 50 years as a free nation, again. Since then, this has literally been the nation’s second national anthem of sorts.

Will end the post with a picture I took with the Indian flag, 14000 feet above sea level.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day


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