Photo Diaries Series Launch

Photos have great power. The power to bring back or relive your memories from the past. Nothing stimulates your brain to pause, relive and enjoy days from your past as photos do. One photo is all you need to go into #Throwback mode.

Today, while I was going through some pics from my good old college days, this idea struck me.

Why not document one photo at a time in my blog, that brings back awesome memories (good or bad) from the past?!

Photos in this series of blogs are going to be highly personal, but hey, I am sure there’ll be something in them that people in blogosphere can relate to, in their own small worlds!

With this, I pronounce the Photo Diaries Series open, with the hope of reliving moments from my past, one photo at a time 🙂


One response to “Photo Diaries Series Launch

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