People inside Metro

Picture this. Many of my colleagues have this as a daily routine. Catching a metro from their home in Delhi, switching lines at Rajiv Chowk, travelling another 50 minutes till Huda City Center Metro Station and reaching office by 10 am, There are certain people who spend 4 hours a day (16.67% of their God-given time) on travelling in the metro.

Delhi Metro undoubtedly is the lifeline of Delhi NCR. And what with the amount of time we spend travelling in it, we can’t help but notice the different types and “breeds” of our co-passengers. On one such journey in the Metro from Rajiv Chowk till Huda City Center, I tried to document the kinds of people who throng the metro, day in and day out.


On this occasion, I register my extreme joy on the fact that Chennai Metro is now functional. Can’t wait to go home and travel in Chennai’s new lifeline.


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