My Firsts! Nostalgia…

Triggered by a relative sharing his list of “firsts” in a Whatsapp group, I share my list of firsts here…
Memories are awesome, aren’t they!

First cycle – in class III (Thatha’s gift)

First live cricket match – Ind vs Pak 1999 @ Chepauk (Yes, THAT HEARTBREAKING MATCH)

First failure – Class VI

First full length vocal concert – 2002 (in Mama’s marriage)

First movie I watched twice in Theatre – Baba (2002)

First real friend – 2003

First movie with friends – Anniyan (2005)

First award – 2006

First Music CD released – 2006

First time on flight – 2007

First visit to my blog – July 2, 2012

First day away from home – July 2008 (first day of college). Seven years now!

First blogpost to receive 1000+ Visits – written on Dhoni in May 2013

First (and only) book published – September 2014

First sight of snow – Feb 2014 (Lachung Village, Sikkim)

First sight of frozen waterfalls – Feb 2014 (Zero point, Sikkim)

First complete night out – July 2012

First (and only job) – April 9, 2014

First experience of eating self-cooked food – April 2014

First experience of white water rafting – April 2015 (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand)

First experience of Paragliding – May 2015 (Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradhesh)


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