In loving memory of Ramesh Perippa

This day last year, God decided it was your time, your time to go!

Why He chose you, I would never know!

I remember seeing you in March last year,

Alas, I didn’t know then, that your end was near!

You always wore that wide smile on your face,

Making any place a happy place!

You treated me like your son,

With your calm demeanor, many hearts you won!

You were a man of few words, I realized

But no doubting the fact that your heart was king sized!

To your family (us), you were a silent guardian, a watchful protector,

We all loved you as you were.

To the common man, Jolarpet is just another station,

For KG though, it will be remembered as the abode of their most loved Son!

We love you Ramesh Perippa.

Even though you can’t say it, we know you love us too!


11th June 2015

In loving memory of Ramesh Perippa



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