Startup Diaries #3:

I love the concept behind which was started. There are hundreds of media houses, newspapers and forums that cover already successful startups. Stats show that only about 1 in 10 startups succeed or stand the test of time. Who covers startups that are yet to hog the limelight? The startups that are still finding it challenging to establish themselves among peers/competitors who are thousand times bigger? No one, literally.That’s why (and how) YourStory was born. Let’s talk about YourStory and Shradha Sharma some other day.

Today, I’m covering one of those budding startups, called, which offers a plethora of products that come under the Home & Garden category.

As soon as I visit their website (, the first thing that strikes me is their simple and elegant UI. The colors are predominantly black and white and the CTAs (Call to Action) are very evident and stand out.

They offer products in five main categories: Kitchen pack, Housekeeping pack, Bedroom pack, Study room pack and stuff for rent.

The catalog comprises a good few hundred products. The biggest categories are Kitchen and Housekeeping. There are only a few tens of products available in the other categories. “Stuff for rent” is a welcome addition, promoting need based usage among consumers without having to spend a fortune for a new product (Most products under Stuff for rent were “Out of stock” at the time of writing this blog though).

Prices are competitive for many products (compared to similar products in Fabfurnish, Pepperfry, Flipkart, etc.) but is on the higher side for few of them. They currently deliver products in and around Bangalore. And COD is the only payment option available as of now. They guarantee delivery within 48 hours and even promise a refund of Rs. 500 if this SLA is breached, which seems cool.

Gurgaon, followed by Bangalore are the top cities that have a migrant working population. That way,  I think Gharofy has hit the nail on its head by choosing Bangalore to start their business with. I’m sure they’ll expand to rest of India and scale up their Product catalog soon.

So are you just setting up your home in Bangalore? You could give a try.

By the way, if you haven’t read the earlier posts on Startup Diaries series, you could read them here: PepperTap, Zomato


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