The Signal

I come across different types of people during different times of the day.
Early in the morning, I see sweepers cleaning the roads in front of me, sacrificing their sleep to earn a living.
I see Traffic police trying to take control of the highway, but in vain.
I see booksellers carrying copies of “Chatan Bhagat” books and Sachin’s autobiography and knocking the glasses of every single car that stops by, to sell at least one copy.
I see elderly beggars, helplessness and hunger written all over their faces, trying their best to survive the current day by begging for money/food.
I see the young middle class men in their bikes, pondering about their day ahead at work.
I see the educated rich women in luxury cars, not wasting a moment to add some more lipstick or adjust their hair.
I see the 5 year old girl who can’t wait for me to turn “Red” just so that she could display her gymnastic skills and earn another 10 rupees.
I see the uneducated rich people who have never acknowledged my existence in the middle of the road. They think they own the roads. I have seen numerous people lose their lives in front of me, because of the carelessness of these people. If only people were more civilized.
I’ve seen innocent dogs being run over by ruthless drivers. It’s a shameful sight. What do these dogs do to earn this plight? Can’t human beings drive safe? Is it that tough?
I am jealous of my brothers in other civilized cities where their words and instructions are being respected.
I work for 16 hours a day, at least.
I do the same job all day long, but religiously.
Yes, I am the Traffic Signal of Gurgaon, one of the least respected entities of this world.


2 responses to “The Signal

  1. Awesome!!! nitin. We’ll only blame the traffic police men for stopping bikes. But no one could understand the ordeal they go through in trafficking that congestion.

    • True that! Their plight is pathetic here. Even if they try to stop some biker who isn’t wearing a helmet, the hopeless guy speeds away to glory without stopping. And almost always, there is a traffic jam around a signal if there is no traffic police around, with people going in all directions. RIP civic sense. RIP decency. RIP everything.

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