Restaurant Review: Vaango

“Vaango” literally translated in Tamil means “Please come”. For those new to Vaango, it’s a pretty big restaurant chain across NCR that offers Authentic South Indian food.

The model is similar to the KFCs and McD’s of the world. They have a standardized menu across all outlets and follow a franchise model (I think).

The taste of food is unmatched by any restaurant chain here in NCR. Sagar Ratna will have noticed a lot of their customers being poached by Vaango.

Top 2 reasons why you should dine at Vaango are it’s menu and customer service. They have a number of new and unique combos to offer; Mini Dal Vadas (set of 4) and Poori Thali Combo being my personal favorites. Their staff are very cordial, except for the fact that they try to cross-sell/up-sell every time you place an order. “Would you like to add X as well?”, “Y will go well with this”, “Any drinks you want sir? Filter coffee, juices?”, can get on your nerves, after a point of time.

Will give you an example on the level of their customer service.

Last week, I had ordered a Poori Thali combo and completed the Pooris and 1 bowl of rice. I needed extra sambhar and pappads for the second bowl of rice and asked the server for the same. Even after 5 minutes when I hadn’t received it, I went up to the counter to raise my concern. Apparently, the server had taken the sambhar and pappad to a different table.

Seeing this, the manager immediately rushed to me to apologize for the mishap and gave me sambhar and 2 extra pappads. Apart from this, he also offered 1 plate of Idly Sambhar “from his side”, to appease me. “Extremely sorry for the delay Sir. We’ve kept you waiting for so long. From my side, I’ll offer you a plate of Idly Sambhar. Please don’t refuse it”, he said.  All this when I wasn’t even pissed or something.

Goes to show how much these restaurant chains care about their customers.

Like everything in Delhi-NCR, Vaango too is overpriced. Not every night can you have a Poori Thali Combo and Mini Dal Vadas for 180 rupees.


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