Why holidays are bad!

I remember starting this blog, some 32 months ago, for sharing experiences from my personal life with the blogosphere. I had christened it My Shillong Diary (MSD) because of my obsession with Dhoni. It was started as a diary and over time, has evolved and encapsulated a number of other topics including (but not restricted to) Cricket, Movies, Music, Travel, Books and random ramblings.

Today’s post is more of a personal one. Almost like taking a leaf out of my personal diary and sticking it out for the world to read. So it was one of my best friend’s wedding on March 8; something I was looking forward to, for quite some time. I had planned for a ten day vacation.

Thanks to Ola Cabs, I almost,missed my flight from Delhi to Chennai. Read more about it, here.

Ernesto’s wedding at Coimbatore was a great opportunity to meet many friends for the first time after college got over (in April 2014). Few of my friends witnessed a South Indian wedding for the first time.

Ernesto's wedding, Coimbatore

Ernesto’s wedding, Coimbatore

After Ernesto’s marriage, Ashok (a Coimbatore local) hosted us for a grand lunch at his place. I ate so heavily that I skipped dinner that night. Savitha even skipped breakfast the next morning. Unknown sources revealed that Ram Prasad was the only guy who had dinner that night.

Abhishek Trivedi (a district level Cricketer) also joined us for the wedding. His interest in the Shaivaite and Vaishnavite cultures and his penchant for exploring South India intrigued even a few locals.

Coimbatore was my second home for four years (I did my under graduation there). Paid my respects to cult places like Annapoorna Gowrishankar, KG Cinemas, RHR Hotel, among others. Couldn’t visit Sita Paani restaurant, our dheivam (God) for close to two years. Hopefully, it stays around till the next time I visit Coimbatore.

Along with Aradh and Abishek, I conquered Velliangiri peak (albeit, at snail’s pace). Read a comprehensive post on Velliangiri, here. And visit the place some time.

I spent a good one week at home, busy getting pampered. And having proper food.

Dadak (an Amerikka Maappillai in the making), was gracious enough to spend an evening with locals like me, Ram and Shreyas. We met after close to three years. At the risk of sounding cliched, I must say we realized almost nothing had changed since the good old Ettimadai days (doesn’t quite have the ring like “Malgudi Days”, but still :P).

From left: Guruji, Terror, Yours truly and Dadak

From left: Guruji, Terror, Yours truly and Dadak

Stalwarts (Class of 2014, IIM Shillong ) from Chennai met at Elliot’s beach for a mini reunion of sorts.

Stalwarts at Elliot's

Stalwarts at Elliot’s

I stayed at a rat infested house for two nights, which also had Pam, Prateek and Sayar living in it.

Oh and yeah, #YoPrateekSoMarketing is a hashtag that’s been doing the rounds in twitter, past one week or so. Unleash the creative genius in you and join in to contribute towards the hashtag and make it a milky way galaxy wide trend, if you know Prateek Gaurav personally.

Few tweets from the hashtag below.

This is exactly why holidays are bad. When they are on, you have the best time in the world, like I did. But like all good things in life, holidays too come to an end and all you have is memories to carry over, till the next holiday season.

On a completely different note, do maintain a personal diary (if you don’t already) and register stuff from your daily life into it. Reading 4-5 year old diary entries and reminiscing about “those” days is one of the most under-rated feelings in the world. My paatti (Grandmom) writes diary entries even today (I think). What’s more, she has a collection of her personal diaries from 50-60 years ago, still.

Enough rambling for the day.


2 responses to “Why holidays are bad!

  1. We also have a good time whenever you are on a holiday. Thanks you still give a try to Ola. Mistakes happen and I hope they overcome it. It is nice to see that you met your school, College and Shilong guys and conquering the peak again is amazing. Yes grandma still writes diary.

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