Bitter experience with Ola Cabs

Dear Ola,
The first time I used your service a few months ago, I immediately became your loyal. The entire concept of booking a cab through a mobile app using your current location was awesome, and a first for me. To top it up, the customer experience was flawless; the ride arrived well on time, the chauffeur was cordial and the fare was very nominal.
The subsequent rides only reinforced my faith in you. I, in fact, deleted all contact details and Apps of other Taxi service providers I had been using before. I was (I still am) one of the thousands of your loyalists who contributed to positive Word of Mouth. I used to tell my friends and family, “Use Ola! They are awesome” or “Ola has a 50% off this week!”. I acted as a marketing channel for you which has infinite ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).
I thought you guys could do no wrong! Perhaps, I was mistaken.
On March 5th, 2015, I had a really really bad experience with your service. The events in chronological order are described below (timings not very accurate).

I booked an Ola Mini at 5 pm, for a ride at 6.15 PM from Sushant Lok, Gurgaon till the Airport. I immediately received a message:

Ola Nitin Srinivas! Your booking with CRN65458017 has been received for 5Mar, 6:15 PM. We look forward to having you onboard.

Being a frequent Ola user, I knew I should be getting a message with Driver details at least 15 minutes before the ride (i.e 6 pm in this case).

Time was 6.10 pm and I hadn’t received any message yet. I got concerned and immediately reached out to your customer care. The executive who attended the call was very cordial. He apologized for the inconvenience and immediately sent a message with driver details.

You’ve got a free upgrade! CRN65458017 – Driver Umesh (8860656268), White Maruti swift dzire HR 55 U 7543 will pick you up @ 5Mar, 6:15 PM. Say Ola to being special!

The time was 6.20 pm and Umesh hadn’t arrived yet. I called him at his number. To my shock, he told me he wasn’t coming to Sushant Lok. He told he was going for another ride near Mehrauli, and asked me to call Customer Care to raise my concern. Now I was beginning to get a bit tense. My flight was at 8.55 pm (AI540 from Delhi to Chennai), and I had to be at the Airport by 7.55 pm at max. Knowing Gurgaon traffic, especially in the evening hours after Office, I knew I was getting late. Still, I called your Customer Care one more time. This time, one other executive picked up the call and he had no idea about what had happened with me, in the last 15 minutes. I had to explain everything to him all over again. He then took some time to look into his system and told me Umesh is on his way to my place. I told him I just had a word with Umesh and he told he was going to Mehrauli to pickup some other customer. He told that was sometime back and that Umesh is now on his way to my place. I immediately cut the call and called Umesh again. “Bhaiya, you are coming to Sushant Lok right?”. “No bhaiya. I am going to Mehrauli to pickup a customer. That’s what my phone is showing”.

I had no idea what was going on! I made a final call to customer support to see if something could be worked out. Time was 6.40 pm (I had to reach airport by 7.55 pm). Again, I had to explain everything from scratch. This time, the customer support executive had no clue about the status of Umesh or me or whoever was going to attend me. He told his system was down and that he wasn’t able to see anything. Completely miffed and gutted, I cut the call. 6.45 pm.

I couldn’t see any private cabs around. Not even an auto. After walking for a while carrying my luggage, I found an auto, which took me till Huda City Center. From Huda, I couldn’t find any cabs to Airport. With my pulse raising, I asked an autowallah if he would go to the Airport. The airport was in Delhi and he told me Haryana autos aren’t allowed beyond Kapashera, which is the Delhi-Haryana border. Having no other choice left, I boarded that auto which dropped me at Kapashera at 7.30 pm.

I had to reach the airport in 20 minutes. Otherwise, I was going to miss my flight back home. Looked like this sense of urgency was very much visible on my face. The lone Taxi wallah there decided he’s got a great opportunity to make a fortune that night. He told he’ll try his best to drop me at the Airport before 8 pm. He charged me 850 rupees, for a journey that would cost 300 rupees at max. I wouldn’t blame him. He just pounced on the great opportunity that was lying in front of him, and made full use of it. I was “cornered and helpless” and ended up paying more than double the normal charges so as to board my flight on time. Thanks to Ola Cabs and my blind faith in you.

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not like I’m going to stop using Ola or something. In fact, I have already used it once after this incident, in Coimbatore this week.

However, lesson learnt the hard way. No one is perfect. Not even Ola Cabs. Always have contingency plans in place.

P.S: After I landed in Chennai at 11:30 pm, I got two messages from Ola.

You’ve got a free upgrade! CRN65458017 – Driver SHOKEEN (9560966493), White Toyota etios DL 1 YD 8345 will pick you up @ 5Mar, 6:15 PM. Say Ola to being special!

Ola! We regret to inform the cancellation of your booking CRN65458017 as we are unable to find a cab near your pickup location. We’d have loved to serve you!


3 responses to “Bitter experience with Ola Cabs

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  2. lol. you thought you were in some dream world? why didn’t you book another. you got time to call customer care and bullshit in case of emergencies .

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