Lingaa – Music Review

It’s not very often that A. R. Rahman comes up with 4 Tamil albums in the same year. In fact, the last time before 2014 when four Rahman albums got released in the same year was 2003, when I was studying for cycle tests in Class VIII.

So firstly, thank you Deivame, for all the releases this year. 🙂

Now coming to Lingaa, this is a project where Thalaivar, Rahman and KSR have come together after 15 years. Remember, their first two films together, Muthu and Padaiyappa were absolute gems, both in terms of the songs and movie as a whole. Cult movies. So expectations were always going to be sky high. And hey, the songs to me have met the expectations. All of them.

“Ungalukku innum vayasaagala” is the phrase that comes to your mind when you listen to the Legend SPB’s voice in the opening track, “Oh Nanba”.  SPB, one of the most versatile singers of our country, never ceases to entertain us, over all these decades. He just keeps getting better with age.  Vairamuthu deserves a pat on the back for some meaningful verses.

Srinivas makes a comeback with ” En Mannava”. Aditi’s voice is a new find. Carnatic enthoos will like this track.

And then there is the crowd favorite “Mona Gasolina”. Impactful rendering by ” Thamizhagathin Rockstar ” Mano ji. Neeti and Tanvi are no less. The grand trumpeting, heavy orchestration all make for a dramatic Thalaivar style picturization. There’s little doubt this song will rule the charts for a good four months.

Kaaviya Thalaivan made me a fan of Haricharan, and “Unmai Orunaal Vellum” just reinforced my stand.
“Unmai oru naal vellum, indha ulagam un paer sollum, andru oorey poatrum manidhan neeye, neeyada”. Some thathuvam filled lyrics throughout the song, in the lines of ” Thalaimagane kalangaadhey” from Arunachalam. Lovely lovely song.

Few things in this world are more pleasing than listening to Rahman singing for his own tunes. “Indiane vaa” is my pick of the album. There are singers. There are awesome singers. There are super awesome singers. And then, there is Rahman.

Song level: Deiveegam

The track gives a fair idea about the time the story is set in. Around the time of our Independence.

Considering “Rockstar” had 14 tracks, “Lingaa” is a relatively small album (5 tracks) and nowhere close to Rahman’s best. Buy hey, Rahman at half his best is good enough. 🙂

Now, keep calm and wait for December 12. Thalaivar is back! \m/


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