“I” – Music Review

After a gap of three long years, 2014 has been the year when at least three Rahman albums have been released in Tamil – Kochadaiiyaan, Kaaviya Thalaivan and I.

In 2011, there were none (In fact, Rockstar was the only Rahman album that got released in the entire year).

Rahman gave us Kadal in the fag end of 2012, and Mariyaan in 2013.

So it was indeed a “Kanla thannee” moment for Rahman fans when he decided to treat us with so many songs in so little time. Kaaviya Thalaivan songs were barely about to sink in when “I” got released.

Kaaviya Thalaivan and Kochadaiiiyaan for a later day. Today, let’s talk “I”.

Shankar - Rahman - Vikram

Shankar – Rahman – Vikram

Firstly, “I” is so un-Rahmanic. Had someone made me hear “I” songs without telling me they were composed by Rahman, I would never have guessed (even in my dreams) that Rahman composed them. And that’s exactly why I feel the album is awesome. It’s  so unconventional for a Rahman album.

“Pookkale Satru” will be hummed by music lovers even in 40000 AD, towards the end of Kaliyug. Evergreen. There are very few things in this world that are better than Shreya Ghoshal singing for A.R. Rahman. The lyric and Haricharan’s voice add up to the Ghoshal-Rahman combo to give us a masterpiece.

“Ennodu nee irundhal” is the type of song you want to listen, sitting in your balcony, sipping a piping hot cup of coffee. Pleasing to the ears song. Sid Sriram has done a masters in these type of songs, it seems. Adiye first, and then this. It will be interesting to see if and when Rahman uses Sid’s voice for songs of a different genre.

“Mersalayitten” of course will be the “crowd’s favorite” song, that will rule FM radios and Music channels for the next few months. Easily the pick of the album. Not the kind of Rahman song that needs to be listened to 10-15 times before developing a taste for it. Anirudh’s voice and slang perfectly suit the song. The legendary MSV (in multiple songs), GV, Yuvan and now Anirudh, have all sung for Rahman.

Aditya Rao’s effortless way of singing, is the highlight of “Aila Aila”.

“Ladio” sounds like one of those english songs that they keep playing in the background in hotels and malls. The only average song of the album, in my opinion.

Just like in the past, pretty sure Shankar’s visuals will take the songs to an all new level. It’s “I” time for now, till Rajni-Rahman come together yet again, for Linga.

“Modha daba kaetten unna, bejaar aayi poyi ninnen ninnen… Naan merasalayitten”


2 responses to ““I” – Music Review

  1. Well written buddy 🙂 Repeating I in my playlist again n again!!

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