Restaurant Review – Rajdhani

I’ve seen this restaurant in Express Avenue (Chennai) but never had a chance to eat there, until a couple of weeks ago, in MGF Metropolitan, Gurgaon. For me, there are only two types of Indian Cuisine – South Indian and North Indian. So when Sashi asked if we could dine at Rajdhani, which offers unlimited Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine for lunch, I agreed mainly because I couldn’t think of any alternative, being new to this place myself. The restaurant was fairly deserted, considering the fact that we went on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t know if that was the reason on anything else, but the service was super fast, true to its name, Rajdhani.

Rajdhani believes in standardization. They offer only one product, the Thali. Hence, they are able to serve their customers real fast. When I say real fast, I mean it.


My plate at time ‘t’


MY plate at time ‘t’ + 30 seconds


For someone very selective about eating my food, I myself had 12-13 items to choose from. There were Chota samosas, Rotis, Sweet Polis, Milk sweets, chips/flakes, Paneer Butter Masala, and a hoard of other anonymous items (at least, I can’t name them).

And everything was unlimited. I think the servers in Rajdhani have it in their KRA that none of the customers’ plates should be empty at any point in time. As soon as they see some food item diminishing in your plate, they’ll make it a point to replenish it even if you say your tummy can’t take anymore.

The servers are sweet too. When I said I didn’t want a particular item, the server said with a beaming smile, “Ek bar try kar do, saar. Bohut pasand ayega aapko”.

Definitely worth shelling out 350 bucks if you have an empty tummy and a liking for unlimited Rajastani food.


2 responses to “Restaurant Review – Rajdhani

  1. (y)….
    pic caption s funny…dat “ma plate at time t” 😀

  2. I have been to Shilong recently, but I havent heard about this restaurent from the local people over there, or else I would have tasted from there.

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