Attire to arise

*Sharing a brilliantly written poem by Nirupa Raghvan, my cousin

Attire to arise

When times seem dark and dreary

and paths bleak and cold,

put on a coat of courage

and emerge fearless and bold.


When dreams seem far and unattainable

and goals a distant song,

wear your boots of bravery

and walk along.


When efforts end up in vain

and struggles define your day,

adorn yourself with a scarf of sincerity

and keep endeavouring to find a way.


When you are under a rain of obstacles

and a storm of snags,

put on a pullover of perseverance

and set out to hoist victory flags.


When all battles have been fought,

put on your jacket of joy and hat of honour,

for your attire to arise

will always serve as a glorious armour.


One response to “Attire to arise

  1. Very Nice!

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