211th reason to be proud of Chennai

Rajnikanth, Marina beach, A. R. Rahman, food, Chepauk, Music Season, Vishwanathan Anand, public transport, cheap movie tickets, Chennai Super Kings – there are a number of things that make me feel proud about being a Chennai-ite. Adding to that huge list yesterday was the brilliant act of CCTP (Chennai City Traffic Police) along with the Hospital staff of GH and Fortis to save a human life.

In case you haven’t read the article that’s been doing the rounds in Social media, here’s the link.

Going through the article was like reading the script of the Malayalam movie Traffic (later remade in Tamil as Chennaiyil Oru Naal), which itself was inspired by a real-life incident.

Pulling off the green corridor isn’t too difficult a job for CCTP, especially under Amma’s Governance. But happy about the fact that they did. Everyone who waited for those extra 4-5 minutes to help create the green corridor can feel proud about themselves for helping save a human life, even though what they did might seem to be a very small thing.



3 responses to “211th reason to be proud of Chennai

  1. Yep It was a great Act by the donor family, the cops, the driver, doctors and their support staff

  2. IT was 101 reason (101 = Traffic Police)

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