Movie Review: Kochadaiiyaan (No spoilers)

When Rajinikanth says (in Twitter), “I am sure you all will enjoy the movie (Kochadaiiyaan) in the theatres”, he means every word of it.

Rana & Kochadaiiyaan

Rana & Kochadaiiyaan

He’s always maintained he had wanted to do a “Raja kaalathu kadhai” all his life. A motion-capture animation film will serve as a consolation for his wish.

I watched the movie in Gurgaon, at least 2000 km away from Tamil Nadu, Rajnikanth’s territory. Still, the ear deafening noise when the title card read “Super Star Rajini”, wasn’t missing. This man’s got die-hard fans all across the country world.

Firstly, kudos to Soundarya R. Ashwin and her technical crew for the wonderful product they’ve come up with. Other than Sarath Kumar (in certain scenes), all other animated characters more or less resembled their human counterparts.



The story has got it all – comedy, vengeance, romance, action, heroism, etc. KSR has done a wonderful job with the screenplay, with certain turnaround of events catching the audience off guard.

The audience were in for a surprise when one of the late comedians (arguably the best in Tamil Cinema), was bought back to life in the movie. He’s also played a significant role in the movie.

Rajnikanth of course, is the real star. The demeanour, voice and attitude of Rana and Kochadaiiyaan (the two characters played by him) are completely different. The introduction scene of Kochadaiiyaan in the second half with the grand trumpeting and “Maasil Veenayum” running in the background HAS to be one of the best introduction scenes for an animated character.

Now, I have nothing much to say about the Legend, ARR. Only he can manage to set high standards for himself and surpass it every single time. The songs have been doing the rounds for a couple of months, but Rahman scores big with his re-recording. His background score is arguably the biggest plus factor for this movie. __//\\__

AR Rahman and Rajnikanth unite for the sixth time

AR Rahman and Rajnikanth unite for the sixth time

I wouldn’t say Kochadaiiyaan kept me gripped to the corner of my seat, for the full 120 odd minutes; but it had all the elements of a Thalaivar movie which makes it a must watch on the big screen. Was definitely worth the long wait!

Enjoy the Legend of Kochadaiiyaan on the big screen, if you haven’t already.

The wait for the sequel has begun.


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  1. Shreyas Narayan

    Going tomorrow… reading your write up, I dont see any way by which I’ll be sleeping tonight 😀 😀

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